Wire Bird Workshop with Paper and Wood's Zach McLaughlin

I haven't done a workshop for such a long time but was inspired to sign up for Zach McLaughlin's wire bird workshop at last weekend's Manmade. I've known Zach for a couple of years as he also works for Jimbobart and so is a regular at the Crafty Fox Market. I've participated in a wire bird workshop before but it was years ago and although I've made one or two wire birds  in my time (such as a lapwing)  I thought it was time for a refresher so signed up.

Now sadly I was the only person who had signed up for the workshop but yay it meant I could have a one to one tutorial with Zach and as I've known him for so long it meant we could have a bit of a laugh and banter.
So here is the first stage - and look Zach also provided very useful outlines for you to work with. Makes life so much easier for the novice!!
 Legs and feet are things I always struggle with when doing wire birds, this is essentially a reference so I remember how to do it next time!!
 And ta-dah! Here is my finished wren - what do you think? With my dyslexia I sometimes struggle getting to grips with 3D as opposed to 2D but Zach made it so seem so easy!
 Of course couldn't resist getting a cheeky picture of Zach
 And to follow some examples of how the pro's birds come out

 As well as wire birds Zach also makes these incredible birds from paper - each feather is cut out from paper. Individually. And they're tiny. He has the patience of  a saint!!!

 Was an incredible workshop and actually an easier way to make them than the previous class I'd been too. Now all I need to do is find the time to make more birds!!!

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