Urban Art Fair 2017

July is one of my favourite times of year as there is so much going on locally. The Urban Art Fair took place the same weekend as the Crafty Fox Market which were practically next door. Now I usually love the Urban Art Fair but this year the Fair decided against closing the road due to the high cost the local Council wanted to charge for the closure. This significantly changed the feel of the event which in the past was a wonderful pedestrian experience to become walking along the pavement while bemused cars drove past. It was also meant that there was not live graffiti which was always a joy for me watching artwork grow over two days. Ah well, it was still a colourful if quiet affair.

Crafty Fox Sample Sale

A couple of weeks ago the Crafty Fox Market  ran a sample sale which meant there were bargains galore. It was a simple idea which proved popular and was in a new venue, the Effra Social, which for me is even closer to my house than their usual Brixton home of the Dog Star. Win Win!  It was a great day, here is what I saw.

Made By Me

Well we haven't done one of these for a while. But that doesn't necessarily mean I've not been busy!
 Father's Day card - dad was always asking me to tell him when the Painted Lady Butterfly was about when we were in France so I thought I'd create one for his birthday. It was a bit of an experiement using fabric, paint and machine embroidery. The orange leaves were from a bit of leather used in the packaging of a bottle of whiskey. 
 Straight after Father's Day is my mum's birthday. I felt creatively exhausted after making dad's card and was worried I wouldn't get to make anything in time (I often leave these things to the last minute) but I got a second wind and as she loves the swallow tail figured I'd make one. I was expecting to use more of the actual fabric as part of the design but the fabric I used wasn't really the right colour, more white than cream so out came the fabric paints. This is a mixture of fabric paint and machine embroidery and while I had my doubts half way through the process it came out good in the end. 
This was a new venture for me, an embroidery mainly using satin stitch. This is a blue tit which I made for my mum's Mother's Day.
And finally a friend recently turned well as you can see 40 so I made a quick papercut which I haven't done for a while. Yep one of the 40s is a bit wonky but at least it makes it unique! Anyway that's all for the time being. 

Dulwich Gallery Pavillion

I'm slowly catching up with blog posts that should have gone up weeks ago. I've had a really bad back for the past couple of months which has really slowed me down. Things are starting to get better but slowly..... Anyway several weeks ago OH and I ambled over to Dulwich Gallery to see the new Pavillion that they had installed then go for a short stroll (my back was preventing me from walking too far).
So the structure was impressive and it looked multi functional 
 And the mirrors distorted the space. Here is a sneeky shot of OH - don't think I've done one of those for a while.... 
 And an even rarer shot of me! Yep that mirror doesn't do me any favours does it! 
 So we decided to go for a wander through Dulwich Park which has some graffitii
 I was hoping for something new but still love the images. Stik's work is inspired by paintings from the Dulwich Picture gallery. 
 The weather was glorious as we ambled through  the park. 

 And we ended the walk by going down the street which has a lot of street art. Again here is the wonderful Stiks and details on the left below of what the image is inspired by. 
So there we have it, a short walk in the sunshine soaking up some culture and stretching my legs.