A trip to the seaside: Brighton in November

Back in November, having checked the weather report OH and I jumped on the train to enjoy an amazing autumn day with brilliant blue skies in, yes you've guessed it, Brighton.
Our first stop was Brighton Pavillion. It's one of those places that I have always known about but have never actually been in. Sadly it wasn't possible to take photographs inside but I took a few sneeky ones on my mobile. 

I don't think I've ever seen such a crazy building in my life. 
We then headed down to the pier to enjoy the fading light and numerous gulls. Here are a few of my favourite shots. 

Coniston Water

OK last post from my recent trip to the Lake District. I thought I had posted everything until my mum reminded me about our trip to Coniston. Can't believe I had forgotten! After we had been for another walk on the fell  we jumped in the car to head over to Coniston with my dad. He can't walk that far at the moment so we wanted to share some of the wonderful weather and views with him. We popped over to Coniston which is where I went to school and enjoyed magical views at the end of the lake.
But first we headed up to Tarn Hows which has amazing views and also a specific disabled viewing area. Sadly the cloud had already started to set in and the blue sky was long gone. 

 So we headed down to the top of Coniston Water to enjoy the views and amazing light. 

 When I was at school we came here to learn how to canoe which is a bit surreal (I was rubbish at it by the way) 

  But we arrived just before the light started to fade with crystal clear reflections 

Finally spotted this epic puddle picture in the car park. It had rained overnight and although I had enjoyed some amazing weather the rain return after I headed back down south. 

Climb Every Mountain

The sun shone yet again while I was in the Lakes, it was cold mind! Just look at that frost first thing

 But it was a beautiful day so Mum and I grabbed our boots to go out on the Fells again. Now I know what your thinking they're doing the same walk again. And yes to a certain extent you'd be right but this time we carried on walking up the next hill called Raven's Crag. 
And look at that view! I think its Dow Crag looking towards the Old Man of Coniston. In fact you can walk over the tops from Coniston back to ours, mum did it once back in the day but I haven't. 
And here she is again striding up the hill. Not bad as she's in her 70s. And I had a stick as well which I'm very glad I took, especially coming back down! 
It's that view again. I know but I kept being drawn to it. This time Cawe is included which I have walked up when I was much younger! 
And peaking over to the next valley again. The farmhouse you can just make out is called Hoses. 
Now I haven't been up Raven Crag for probably about 30 years if I'm honest but I'd completely forgotten that there was a very small tarn half way up. 
Or perhaps I only walked up in the summer when it probably had dried out. But it was as still as a mill pond when we walked past. 

Yes it's the view again but you can tell we're at the top as we're next to the cairn stones. Walkers place rocks on top when they reach the top of any mountain / fell. 
Above and below are longer views over into the next valley 

And I'm going to end on the top of Raven's Crag looking over to Cawe. Mum and I were really pleased with ourselves walking so far. I had a chest infection so I was wheezing all the way up but the fresh air did me lots of good and we both felt so alive. We headed back down completely loosing the path so stumbling undignified back down to where we started. People often ask if I would ever move back to the Lakes and honestly I don't think I would be I know I'm incredibly lucky to be able to escape here whenever I want to. And to have grown up in such an incredible landscape. 

Walk in the Valley

After an amazing day of sunshine and blue skies the following day was much more overcast. Having said that the light during the morning was warm and hazy so I grabbed a camera and went for a wander across the fields while mum spent sometime in the garden.
Here is one of the locals 
I was a little slow getting out of the house so I missed the best of the light but it was still ethereal 
This is the view back to the house with the hills included in my previous post in the background  
I loved the hazy colours of the hills which was a stark contrast to the vibrant colours the day before
Following recent storms most of the autumn colour had disappeared but there were a few patches with an autumnal glow. 
I'm always fascinated by lichen, perhaps because we get very little in London as it thrives in clear air. 
I love these hawthorn trees which a gnarly with age. 

I was delighted to first hear, then see geese flying over head. It's such a wonderful sight and I saw not one but two sets fly over during my walk. 
I wanted to share with you this gate post which is typically Lakeland made from a slab of slate. I have no idea how old it is but several hundred years at least. 
And  this is a sheep hole built into the dry stone wall, again another typical Lakeland feature. 
On the way home I spotted an old tree which was covered in ferns growing from it's branches through a coat of moss. 
So I started with a herdwick, and I'll finish with one. I love these sheep and this year's flock seem to be ok with me taking photos of them which always helps! And there we have it - a short walk through the valley where I grew up. 

A Walk on the Fells

I've become a creature of habit and go up to see the folks every November in lieu of Christmas. I've been ridiculously lucky with the weather in the past so was convinced that this year the weather would be awful. But again I was in luck and the sun shined down on my first full day home. Our elderly next door neighbour was due out of hospital that week and so mum and I walked over to her house to make sure the heating was on. Now when I say next door it half a mile away.
But it's a lovely walk, especially on a day like this.

I love this bridge which covers the beck on the way up to her house. It's two slabs of slat and have been there for a life time, still used by the sheep to cross the water. 
Once we'd checked on the house we decided it was such a lovely day that we should walk back around the fell. Here's mum in action. 
With a view back to where we had come from, the house in white. It was an old miners cottage with the quarry being up on the fell. 
This view is a bit further along on what is called Postman's path as it's the route the postman used to cycle on over to the next valley. Honestly! We are talking a long time ago mind.... 
Normally we would turn off Postman's path and head down the hill back to our house but it was such a nice day we thought we would walk a little further up the hill. And the views at the top were amazing. In the background above is a dormant volcano called Black Combe 
And this is a peak over into the next valley over. 
A selfie of mum and I basking in the sunshine. 

And then we made our way back down the hill for a well earned cup of coffee. 
I live in Brixton nowadays having moved to the Big City 25 years ago but I always treasure the time I have when I come home and escape from the madness for a couple of days to recharge my batteries. The sunshine certainly helps as it's often in short supply in Cumbria!