The Thirst in Windrush Square, Brixton

Life is funny sometimes. Back in 2013 I took this photo at Brixton Splash, which was then used on the front cover of local listings magazine Lambeth Weekender in 2014. To my shame I had no idea who the band were but loved the image. 
Then the weekend before last I came across The Thirst playing in Windrush Square on my way home. I had my camera with me but I also carrying a lot of heavy bags and it had been a long old day so I took a quick photo on my mobile and put a picture up on Instagram. At the time I thought it could be the same band but I wasn't 100% certain until it was liked by @markthethirst. And yes you've guessed it I found my mystery guitar player as he had picture of Lambeth Weekender in his instagram feed. 
So last Friday I was on my way home and realised that the Thirst were back and were going to do another set. I didn't have my camera but luckily I live quite close by so I was able to pop home, pick up the camera and come back.  Here's what I took:  

So if you live in Brixton, or even London keep an eye out for them and you can catch a great set. 

Culture at the Courtauld Collection, Somerset with a bit of Blossom

Last weekend it was grey, this weekend it was grey and wet. Oh and I'd had a heavy night the night before so wasn't up for much too energetic so an art gallery was on the cards. OH wanted to go and see the Goya at the Courtauld Gallery
Now this is the closest I could get in taking a photo of the art work in the exhibition. It was a good exhibition but the art work was very small and it being a Sunday was quite busy. Oh and photography was strictly forbidden. Anyway I found myself getting very frustrated as I couldn't just stand and admire the work without feeling crowded. Still OH enjoyed it. 
 So OH and I went for a wander round the collection as well. First up was this amazing statue which really minded me of the cover to New Order's 1989 album Technique which I used to listen to on remote as a teenager. It's not of course...
It's slightly more famous as it's the statue immortalised by Cezanne - you can just see the painting in the background. Brilliant! 

 I loved this Van Gogh - the textures are so vibrant - I could almost feel myself in the country side looking at this. 
 And my last mini impressionist round up - a Renoir through a Rodin - I kinda like the mix up. 
 On the way home one of my favourite trees for blossom was just coming out. 
Nothing says spring like blossom - shame the weather is struggling to catch up with the flowers. It's still cold and miserable!! 

London Walk - Liverpool Street to Hackney Central

Today was a grey day. The weather report had at one point promised sunshine for Sunday but while there were glimpses of blue sky it was pretty grey but it didn't stop OH and I heading out for a walk. We haven't been for a walking about town for a while. I suggested heading East from Liverpool Street and here is what we saw:
Near Shoreditch High Street station OH spotted this - eerily beautiful

Above and below were on Redchurch Street heading towards Brick Lane 

But we cut through Arnold Circus to avoid the crowds of Brick Lane where I spotted this fab Victorian signage

And quirky traffic sign
Now it being Sunday we caught the tail end of Columbia Road Flower Market

This is somewhere I've always wanted to go to but even  though it was in the last hour it was heaving so here are the pictures I took from the pavement looking into the market

At the top end of Columbia Road I spotted this brilliant phone next to a take away
OH let me pop into Hackney City Farm for a quick chicken fix 

So much of London seems to be being pulled down and rebuilt, mainly into luxury flats. Soon there will be little of true London left and no one will be able to afford to live there. So much greed, very little foresight. 

More great graffiti on Broadway Market 
And the canal with a gas storage tower in the background. These too are being sold off and so this view may not be there for much longer either. 
True East End - can't stand jellied eels myself but love the frontage of this eel shop and it's as London as you can get.
More fabulous graffiti on Ada Street - or should that be Inequality Street. Another statement on the redevelopment of the area.
We ended our walk going up the Regent Canal up to Hackney. Got a bit carried away with the reflections 
So there we have it, a brief walk through East London. And so much to see! OH wants to do some of the Capital Ring which is on the agenda soon. I'll keep you posted!

More Spring colour in sunny South London

This time last year I was suffering from a bout of depression and self doubt. Not the best of times but one thing that really helped was sunshine. Now when I see blue sky and sunshine I try to get outside if I can, even if it's just for a few moments. I'd checked the weekend forecast and saw that it was going to be pretty grey and miserable except first thing on Saturday morning so I bounced out of bed early enough to be out the door, trusty camera in hand to go round my favourite stomping ground of my local park to take these:
Look I was up so early that there was no kids in the playground... it was eerily quiet!
Early morning shadows
Ah nothing says spring like daffodils. And these were super tiny and super cute!
OK ready for lots of blossom shots? Here's looking up. Always look up on a sunny day, through trees if you can - it will make you smile :)
The park through blossom

The tennis courts through the blossom
And a close up of yes you've guessed it blossom! 
9am and the infamous Park Run gets ready to set off from the Lido with the cityscape of London in the background - you can just make out the London Eye in the right of the picture. 
Highlight of my walk was spotting this long tailed tit, one of my favourite birds and in the middle of London (albeit in the park). OK not the best photo as of course I had the wrong lense! Always keep an eye out as wildlife is all around - you just have to look for it!
Yep  I spotted more blossom on the other side of the park, Pink and blue - bliss! 
Sunshine through the trees
And look the Park Run caught up with me. There were loads of them!
Small patches of daffodils throughout the park
Winter is still close by - loving the reflections of these reeds in the duck pond
Early morning stretches 
And dappled light - just look at that sunshine!!

And I managed to time my walk perfectly as the cloud came in just as I got back home and the rest of the weekend was grey and miserable so a great excuse to keep on crafting!!