Crafty Fox Fair

I've spent most of the week on the sofa 'taking it easy' as instructed by practically everyone! It's incredibly frustrating and is becoming quite dull. My energy levels are slowly coming back up (and slowly is being the operative word!) and so Saturday and went down to the Crafty Fox Fair for a change of scenery. I normally help out on the door for a few hours which I love doing but obviously was off duty this weekend. However I was able to take some photos:

Clare from Lil3birdy  work is ever expanding with new home wares as well as great cards.

Sally Nencini's work reminded me of my childhood - even at nearly 40 I am very much young at heart!
 Tea and cake was also available from the Teas Knees though having lost weight following the op I was very good and avoided temptation (for once!). Was enough to make OH proud!!
 Jimbo's work always makes me smile, ideally for the Crafty Fox!
 The mastermind behind the Crafty Fox market is Sinead from Galavant with her husband Stephan who provides the tunes while you browse. I experimented with my macro lens while there was a brief lull in the crowds and was very happy with the results
 Manolo jewellery is brilliantly quirky and sometimes a little oh la la...
Finally, I love Stuffed Nonsense, their work always makes me smile and so here is another photo...

This was just a small selection of an amazing selection of artists. For further treats head over to the Crafty Fox blog and enjoy an evening shopping without going anywhere. And get your name added to their mailing list so you know when the next fair will be popping up! And now back to the sofa for yet another rest. Hoping to be able to blog about Crafty Week twelve soon.....

Crafty week eleven

Disaster has struck! I had such plans for week eleven. Finish the jewellery I started, make a mother's day card, start another felt project.... But I've started none of these as I was taken into hospital last Tuesday rather dramatically by ambulance and had to have emergency surgery to remove a cyst from my ovary. Am happy to report I'm back home but so knackered and groggy on pain killers I haven't done anything for a week now! However I'm hoping soon to be able to focus on something so that week twelve with be a bumper week!

In the meantime the wonderful Laura Howard, aka Lupin has mentioned me in her blog. I've never seen so much traffic to my blog! Laura is the author of 'Super-cute felt' which I mentioned in Crafty Week Two so I was especially chuffed  that the author of the book found me.  And helped me realise that I'm not necessarily talking to myself!

Hopefully week twelve will be much more productive! Fingers crossed!

Hello Sunshine!

Spring has finally arrived in full force this weekend. What a marvellous day! OH and I headed, with most of London, to central London parks starting in St James' through to Green then Hyde park. Still at least it meant I could get my flower and duck fix.

Mandarin duck in St James' - one of my favourite ducks in the world...
Blossom in St James', makes you feel alive! 
A posing swan again in St James'
The daffodils in all the parks were amazing..
There are lots of Easter eggs around London, part of a competition to win a Faberge egg I think.... Anyway Humpty Dumpty on the wall of Clarence House made me smile. 
I love this avenue of trees in Green Park 
Skaters were out in full force in Hyde Park enjoying boom boxes and sunshine
The smell of this blossom was magical though I think OH got a little bored as I took so long taking photos of this
OK we get it, spring = blossom but don't you just love it! 
Finally there is something magical about horse chestnut leaves unfurling after a long winter...

So hello sunshine - may you stay for a little longer though you may soon have to make way for the rain... 

Crafty week nine and ten

I think you can see a theme starting can't you.... I've been plagued with ill health again (doing battle with a cold for over a week) and had OH come and stay for a week as his boiler broke down which I must admit threw me a little. However I must say that I'm quite tempted to rename him HH as he was the perfect house husband!

Anyway I digress. With all of the above going on week nine was a little slack compared to my previous weeks. However I started to stitch together the squares I have for the blanket while feeling sorry for myself during week nine

Now I must admit that during week nine I was loosing a little faith my concept of being crafty every week as I didn't feel I was achieving much but everything is relative. I also discovered that crafty week two has been tweeted about by Laura Howard, the author of the book where I found the project who also has a fabulous blog as well which is worth a read and very inspiring!  And once I had won the war with the cold felt reinvigorated again. As ever time is against me but week ten is: 

I've been naughty this week and buying lots and lots of lovely new stamps on Ebay and above are some upcycled to become cufflinks. 

I loved making these cards which used not only stamps but wall paper I had. 

And these were inspired by the House of Silk which is the new Sherlock Holmes book written by the fabulous Antony Horowitz who I started reading when I was about 11 and he also went onto to create Foyles War and Midsommer Murders. Anyway the book is written in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle and is a great read. I can highly recommend it! 
Finally here are works in progress which will be made into earrlings, cufflinks and pendants. Am very excited and hope to have them finished for next week along with my mother's day card. Happy crafting!