The luckiest girl in town

I have been thoroughly spoilt the past week celebrating my birthday and thought I'd share some of the amazing things I've been given:
I had a small gathering of friends and colleagues at work.
The invite was bring your own bottle and / or cake (you can never have too much cake!). My friend Kieron baked me the most amazing raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes. They were D E V I N E
And look at this bad boy which my friend Kevin brought. Yep it was a cake fueled evening!
OH got my a set of Emma Bridgewater eggs cups (which match my mug) and they come in their own chicken coup  box - amazing!
And a mug of my favourite Underground poster for the zoo
And look I got a similar image at the Zoo  
OH figured I'd eaten too much cake the day before so I had  a pork pie with candles instead - it was yummy mind! We bought it when we were in York and it was might fine!
And how amazing is this card which is a paper cut from and made my friend Sophie.
And not only did she give the card but also this (though I need to take a better photo as I've missed a bit off the bottom - sorry Soph....). I was blown away by both, just amazing!
And my friend's Claire and Mark got me this amazing sewing basket from Libertys which also matches the pin cushion I treated myself to when we were there the other week. I had actually been secretly (or so I thought) lusting after this.....
I've had the most amazing week, and so many gorgeous gifts from friends and family. I'm also off shopping soon as I have vouchers burning a hole in my pocket AND I'm off for a rather special tea party this weekend with some girlfriends. Watch this space, it's hopefully going to be amazing! I still can't quite believe I'm 40. But it makes me realise how lucky I am to have such incredible friends, family, colleagues and best of all my wonderfully grumpy OH... wonder what we'll do for my 50th!


How did that happen?

Well it may surprise you  to learn that I have reached the grand old age of 40! I know! I'm not sure how that happened either.... and to celebrate in style I dragged OH to the zoo for the day!
And boy did we have a good time despite the fact it was a little over cast. Here are the penguins messing about in the water
Sharing food at lunch time
And showing off to OH
I even managed a close up of a very rare (not) seagull who was on the look out for a spare fish or two (fat chance by the looks of it but you've got to give them points for trying)
But it wasn't just all penguins. How cute is this guy cleaning his tail
And there was a new silver back gorilla in town which everyone went ape about (sorry... couldn't resist)
And this is a sleeping scarlet ibis - just stunning colours - shame they were all asleep...
Our friend Claire stopped by (she is a member) who took us to a part of the zoo we were unaware of where we saw  this cheeky monkey checking out the Gardner's tools. I'm not quite sure how it tasted mind
I loved the butterfly house though it was so humid I'm afraid you'll have to make do with a few mobile shots.
And this is the biggest moth in the world, the size of your hand big - it was huge!!
And finally do you remember Burt? Couldn't resist taking him along to have his photo with the hippos, well pygmy hippo but it was better than nothing!
So there we have it! That's how I spent my 40th with my wonderful OH. And do I feel like I'm 40? Hell no, inside I'm still about 6.... perhaps I'll grow up by the time I reach 50 (though I doubt it!)

A weekend away

Well a few weeks ago (I know, sorry it's been busy) OH and I went up to York to help my friend Grainne celebrate her birthday. She is 2 days older than me and I even remember her 16th birthday (though I won't go into details....)
The journey was lovely with huge sways of yellow all the way up. I love this image of yellow with the steam of industry behind it.
And look how impressive York station is - I love the curves of this building, Victorian engineering at it's best!
Anyway first things first we came as David, Grainne's partner, had organised a rather large party including this amazing cake which is a bar of chocolate! And each chunk had '40' written into it! Was a great party but very few photos I'm afraid....
I should also introduce you to Skylon, the new addition to their household. I'm not normally a dog person but I think I fell a little bit in love with Skylon.
Here is OH playing rough and ready entertaining the dog with one of her many toys!
We also saw some of the sight including York Minster
 I also loved the cute little side streets (though not everyone agrees with me)
 And this was about 5 mins away from their house along the river. Pure bliss. I love visiting them in York, we always have fun!
 And finally the other great thing about York are the geese. The town is covered in geese and their young ruling the roost
They seem to be in groups with lots of adults standing guard and boy did they hiss if they thought you were getting too close!
And finally how cute is this little gosling - one of my favourite photos from the weekend. It was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of London for a few days. We even had sunshine and sat in the garden (and / or beer garden) but reality beckoned and we had to return home

In my neighbourhood

Now if you're a regular reader, or know me, I live in Brixton which often has a bad press, but did you know it had a working windmill. Yes you heard that right a working windmill in Brixton. And this year they finished an amazing mural which I went up to see last weekend.
The colours on it are so vibrant and happy, it was such a shame that it was a grey day when I took the photos
But it sits nicely behind the playground
And here is the windmill in all it's glory!
I had gone up to see the mural unveiled and there was a band playing
Also blossom has been in abundance this year and I found this amazing tree in the Peace Gardens in central Brixton and wanted to share the shots I took before going up into town.

Again annoying that it was such a grey day but fear that I have to get to used to it being grey as  the forecast isn't looking great so it may be another long, grey summer....


A Ta Dah moment

You may recall back in April I gave a sneeky peak of what I was working on something but couldn't say much as I said it was for someone's birthday. Well it is for a Palmer Jr who is due in July but I was able to give my good friend who is mum to be the blanket yesterday and thankfully she loved it so here it is in all is glory:

 I was so pleased with the wave effect and it was nice to do something that wasn't a granny square. Of course now I'm off to start my next project - watch this space!