King's Cross transformations

It was a gloriously sunny day today so OH and I headed for the not so obvious King's Cross Station. There has been building work here for what seems a life time. They certainly seemed to start on work when I was in my last job which was nearly 11 years ago. But King's Cross station has had a make over so it's starting to no longer look like the poorer next door neighbour to the sparkling St Pancras.
It was unrecognisable though we did come through a side entrance
Did remind me of the Great Court at the British Museum mind as you can see in this close up
But surely they're missing a trick - how on earth is Harry and co going to get Hogwarts without signage to platform 9 3/4, serious oversight!
Anyway we wandered above ground to where the new Central Saint Martin's College campus is located via a lovely avenue of trees holding on to the very last of their leaves

When we got there we were mesmerised by the fountains which were full of quite damp children (who will no doubt now have caught a chill) but the performance the fountains gave was amazing though difficult to capture

Though hopefully you get the idea.....
We then walked along the canal which was gorgeous in the golden hour (just as the sun was fading).
But is such a great mixture of ye olde worlde with the canal boats but still very urban with trains going by every few minutes including Eurostar which we took to Brussels.
At the end of the canal we stopped off at the St Pancras Church which I love. This is right next to the railway and dates back to the 14th Century. To make way for the railway they had to clear a large part of the graveyard but as a minder have piled the gravestones around a tree. I always find it strangely magical and / or moving.
Finally the greatest part of today was the weather and autumn. I can't tell you how much I love Autumn with the changing colours and light. The problem with Autumn are all the leaves that fall and what to do with them once they're on the ground. Camden Council were power jetting the leaves in to the road to be sucked up by the street cleaner. It certainly made for interesting pictures!

And so there we have it, final day out before going into hospital tomorrow for my operation. Starting to get a little nervous now but will be glad when it's over and done with! Hopefully it won't be too long until I blog again but apologies in advance if there is radio silence for a little while. I hope to be tweeting if you follow me @akamarthaloves otherwise will be in touch soon

Crafty update

Blimey I haven't blogged about craft projects for ages. Part of the reason is because I was so busy out and about over the Summer and also health problems (see previous blog post). But also I have been busy for months doing a commission for my cousin who's friend has had twins. Blimey twins - just my luck!! Anyway here is the first piece I did:

I've nearly finished the second, slightly longer piece which I will blog about soon (promise) but it has taken a very long time - I'd forgotten how slow cross stitch can be but it has been very therapeutic.
It was also Erin, my honorary niece's 18th. Not quite sure how she got so old so quickly (I first met her when she was 9 and time seems to have flown) but felt I needed to do something special. Can you guess it's my own design...
And here is OH's birthday card (not an original design as you can possibly tell)
And finally I realised that I haven't shown  you the card I did for my mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary which was back in July. Again not original design but I enjoyed doing them both. More to follow soon I hope!

Forthcoming Operation

You may recall that back in March I had a sudden trip  to the hospital via ambulance and had to have emergency surgery to remove a cyst on my ovary. This was the third operation having had another cyst on the other ovary and a also rather large fibroid.

During  the last operation they spotted more fibroids and turns out that they are growing (though luckily not as big as the first set) and since the op I've been suffering from very bad PMT. So I finally plucked up the courage to go and see the wonderful Mr Bidmead who removed the first set of fibroids and decided that enough was enough. There are only so many operations a girl can take, especially in the same region and came to the decision to opt for the full hysterectomy. Now this may seem drastic, and indeed a few of my female friends seem to disapprove of my decision but my quality of life at the moment is being effected as at least 2 out 4 weeks when I am not feeling at my best to say the least, and many aspects of the PMT can be pretty bad, especially the angry and bloaty parts!

But then I feel guilty that I can be so flippant in some respects about the whole thing and that it is my choice. My attitude is that I have never wanted kids and so why hold onto equipment that is surplus to requirements for sentimental reasons. But there are other people for whom it's not a choice and they desperately want kids and this is when I feel guilty.

Then again I have to do what is right for me and my body. If I didn't have the op there is a very strong possibility that I will get another cyst and believe me they hurt like hell when they twist (though the bloke in A&E didn't seem to think it should have hurt that much - typical!). I'm going straight onto HRT after the operation and I'm still trying to work out if this will finally make me feel like a grown up. Nearly 40 and I still feel like I'm a teenager...

Anyway I have one more week to go before the big op. I know I normally write about things I've done with lots of pictures but thought I should blog my feelings about this before I go in. No doubt I will blog afterwards as well. I have at least six weeks to recuperate and OH is coming to look after me for the first week at least. I have a huge pile of DVD box sets and craft projects to tackle (or finish) to keep me going so in a way I'm looking forward to it. And to be honest it will be such a relief once I've had the operation and hopefully 2013 will be a healthy year for me (as well as a crafty one).

Anyway sorry to possibly be on a downer. To cheer you up here is a picture of lovely autumn leaves - you gotta love autumn!

Cumbria at Autumn

Now if you know me you'll know I was born and bred in Cumbria before I moved to the big smoke when I was 18. I'm proud to be Cumbrian and seem  to be holding onto my accent as long as I can and love going home except at Christmas. Trying to negotiate engineering works and bad weather has lead to me to go home for Christmas in November. And this year I was soooooo lucky  with the weather. The first day I experienced heavy rain, mist, snow and hail.

But luckily the first few days were filled with seeing friends and family. And then the sun came out!

And oh boy did it come out! This is a view from Coniston Water. I went to school approximately 5 mins walk from this view. I know, I was very lucky! Though I still remember a birthday when we went canoeing and I ended up have the bumps in the water - not fun.....
This is Tarn Howe near Coniston, I once had to go orienteering around here - it was a miracle I made it back alive - direction isn't really my strong point.....
The following day was just as spectacular and it was great to get in the car and be a tourist for a while with camera and parents in hand. This is Langdale
And this is the view down the infamous Struggle by Kirkstone Inn. The road up is very steep but the views were worth it. And yes that is snow on the ground....
This is a typical Lake District view of farm buildings. I love the Autumn colours
And wow! Look at the reflection on this (Ulleswater). Incredible! I've been in the Lakes during good weather but the reflections and light were amazing.
And finally this is Derwent Water which is near Keswick. Annoyingly they wouldn't take me to the Pencil Museum which are named after the Water... I think I was joking when I asked to go but they do make mighty fine pencils....

All in all was a great trip home, was great to see my family and they were pleased I seem to bring good weather for a few days at least. I have a few more images on Flickr if you're interested.