Cakes and portraits

Today was a miserable day in Brixton. Rain, rain, rain

Still this snail seemed to be having fun on a shrub outstide my living room window

But in Brixton it was miserable. But I'd popped down to Brixton Bake Off to take some photos;

Also took a picture of Levi Roots, Brixton legend (aka Mr Reggae Reggae sauce). So good to see that he is true to his roots (no pun intended) and he was so friendly to anyone who stopped to say hello.

Earlier this week we had a Royal Visit from Princess Anne at work and I was asked to take some of the photos. No pressure then!!! At present I am still waiting for permission from the Palace (honest!) to use my pictures in my blog (have one shot I really want to share as it's a lovely portrait) and don't want to risk being put in the Tower including it before permission is granted. However you can see some of the photos I took at the following website:

Took most except the top right, and bottom two on the right. Was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do (especially as I normally take photos of ducks and craft objects) but was so grateful for the experience. Will share if I can.....

Crafty week Sixteen

 This week as you can possibly tell has been a crochet week! Energy levels still suck which is incredibly frustrating, especially for O.H. I think! Completed my first week back at work but was exhausted over the weekend. Couldn't even go for a wander with O.H. so sat on the sofa and cocheted my little heart out.
 At first I thought I'd experiment with one giant granny square. At first I just thought it would be fun to see if I could do it but then realised it would look fantastic covering part of my sofa. Of course this means I need to do some more to cover the sofa. And it's a big sofa.....

In addition I realised that I could also make a blanket for my friend who is just about to give birth. Am about half way through, so far so good!

And I've also started to stitch together the squares I'd started last week. I do find the stitching part the dullest part so am trying to not let the squares pile up and so am doing a little at a time. Wish me luck!

Anyway hoping to have finished the blanket very soon but think I'm going to make another as a back up. You know how it is with kids!

Crafty week fourteen and fifteen

I am thinking that I should rename this series of blogs 'Crafty Fortnight!'. So I've had a week off over Easter which has been very nice though frustrating as I can neither lift anything nor go too far without energy levels failing so I was some what restricted in what I could do. Still I managed to get quite a lot done which I'm pleased about.
 The original blanket is slowly getting bigger and bigger. Only three strips to go for the time being I think.....
 I've been experimenting with jewellery and this is a charm bracelet that I completed. I was particularly pleased with the beads and the wrapping (least I think that's the term...' which I've never done before. This is my yeehah bracelet due to the cowboy theme.
 Also experimenting with confetti by  upcycling unwanted cheesy romance books from the library. Like the effect and might put them up for sale - or wait for someone to get married....
 OK technically not craft but I made flapjack which I don't recall having ever done before (though I'm sure I must have done in my youth). It was absolutely divine and am now hooked. And incredibly easy! Yum yum yum....
 I was suppose to go to France this week to see my parents but due to the op had to cancel. Anyway one of the things I was going to do while there was to get my mum to show me how to do granny squares. As luck would have it  there was an article in my latest Mollies Makes which helped me finally figure out how  to do these (as I'm dyslexic I find patterns a nightmare so the picture guide was a really help). The plan is to do another blanket eventually.

Finally I finished another huge stash of jewellery. I won't bore you with picture upon picture of what I did so you'll have to make do with a snap shot of some cuff links.

Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully normality though energy levels are still dodgy. Hope to complete some felt projects that I have in mind for next week. Fingers crossed!!!

Have a good week x

The writing is on the wall

OH and I went for a gentle walk (in light of my continued convalescence which is becoming quite tiresome) which followed the River Fleet from King's Cross to Blackfriars. The river of course is hidden, as are many rivers in London (apart form the Thames obviously). Today's theme for photos seems to be writing on walls which always intrigue me:

 I don't think this is a Banksy but still liked the image.
 OH was a little worried that I loved this wall so much. The style just seems so out of place to the regular blocks and bricks you see in London. It just jumped out at me!
 Wise advise under the Roseberry Aveune viaduct
 Address written on the wall
 This drinking trough in Clerkenwell is just round the corner from the fabulous Three Kings where OH and I met (at the music quiz). But is also close to where one of my dad's relatives lived in 1870, 16 years before this trough was laid.
 And this is the exact address where they lived though the original building is no longer there and is a fancy apartment block.  According to the records this area was very rough in 1870 and when the parish priest visited the area he needed protection

And this is the pub just down from 55 Saffron Hill. Dickens drank here and it's mentioned in Oliver Twist, inspiration for Bill Sykes' hang out.
 How times have changed...
 And this well toned man can be found at the Holborn Viaduct
 And underneath the viaduct were these two sets of writing on the wall (above and below)

 As always with our walks we ended up in a  pub, the Blackfriars which is as amazing on the outside as it is on the inside.
 Though I've not spotted this risque dragon high  up
And finally this week's sneak picture of OH taken in the reflection from a bike helmet's visor. Happy Easter!!

Crafty week twelve and thirteen

Following my sudden trip to A&E via ambulance resulting in emergency surgery you would have thought that I would have had all the time in the world to be creative. But no, when convalescing this isn't the case and for the first week all I could do was work on my blanket which is getting bigger bigger even though progress is slow.

But as time passed I started to get more energy and was able to complete the following:

I used some of my nectar points to get Amazon Vouchers and purchase another book on felt called Big Little Universe of Felt  by Jeanette Lim which had this fantastic cactus pin cushion:

I was a little worried that I had bitten off more than I could chew but was very happy with the results though I must confess I haven't made the match plant pot it's meant to sit on..... Unfortunately the book although nice wasn't as inspiring as I had hoped.

And so continuing the felt theme I finally made the delightful pin cushion from Laura Howard's fantastic Super-Cute Felt book which I've been meaning to do for sometime now (also see Crafty Week Two).

Two pin cushions I hear you cry!?! I now have 2 different sorts of pins and wanted separate cushions to avoid pin confusion in the future. I know - madness....

Anyway the difference between these 2 felt books (mini book review warning) is that Super Cute Felt has projects that are diverse and inspiring encouraging you to use the book as a platform for your own projects where as the projects in Big Little Felt Universe are nice, quirky but all with the same theme. All are 3D objects with no diversity.

I used felt from Laura's supply shop Lupin on Etsy both projects and I'm hoping to do more if I can.
With a lack of creative impulse I did find myself surfing the net quite a lot which resulted in a lot of shopping including these quirky pistol charms which I made into a pair of earrings. Not super taxing but  they made me smile!

Finally I also finished some of the jewellery I had started before I was taken ill:

I'm on holiday over Easter and have had to cancel going to France to see my parents so the upside is hopefully I will have lots of time to be creative which I'm hoping will help recover my lost energy levels... Fingers crossed. I'd forgotten how dull being ill can be! Wish me luck

Flower power

The plus side of convalesing is that I became the Imelda Marcos of flowers. I think in total I was given seven bunches during my sick leave and was certainly running out of vases resorting to a measuring just at one point! Of course I only thought to take photos once some were past their best but here are those that were still at their best:

Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to send me flowers! It was very much appreciated and they all made me smile! Was also great to have something to photograph without going anywhere! 

Crystal Palace

Although I'm meant to be 'taking it easy' after my recent operation I was desperate to get out and enjoy the spring sunshine so OH suggested we jumped on the first bus that came along and saw where it went. I must admit we did wait for the third bus to come along as I didn't want to go to the previous two buses destinations but was more than willing to go to Crystal Palace. Despite living in South London for about 20 years I have never actually been so was super excited. There is something magical about going on a new bus route for the first time!

The infamous aerial (though we did see another close by) with a sneaky shot of OH in the foreground
Sadly The Crystal Palace burnt down  sometime ago (I think in the 1940s but don't quote me - apparently my grand-dad could see it burning from North London) and all that is left are the stair cases and one or two statues. This modern statue is of Paxton, the designer of the Palace. 
It's nice to see that spring is still in the air. I can't get enough of this year's blossom
And sunlight through new leaves on a sweet chestnut. 
Crystal Palace is also famous for their dinosaurs which were a little odd I must admit..... 
Going down the hill was fine, coming back up was very slow going, especially for a first proper walk for over 2 weeks. Poor OH had to do a lot of waiting around for Madam Slowcoach to catch up but I was so glad to get out and about. Taking it easy is starting to take it's toll on my sanity....
Finally another sneaky shot of OH at the top of the park just before we went to the pub. He hates having his photo taken hence the stealth tactics. It's really annoying as I have to practice my portrait technique as I have to take pictures of an important visitor to work at the end of the month. Can't say who yet, will update as and when I can though I was very honored when they asked me given I'm an amateur.