A duck fest

This weekend I went out for a photo day with my photo buddy to the Wetland Centre. I haven't been for such a long time but was in seventh heaven despite it being absolutely freezing..... Anyway here are a few shots I took (if you don't like ducks walk away now...)
The eider ducks were getting a little frisky with this female showing a lot of interest though the male looks so not bothered....
But the noise they make when they hold their head back like this always brings a smile to my face.
This swan was having a bit of a hissy fit. I was convinced that I hadn't managed to get a decent shot but this was passable...
He soon calmed down though
Geese feet just make me giggle
I love love love Mandarin ducks and there wasn't just one to photograph but at least six males.
Though having so males there was a lot of chasing of others
These two just look like they've got so much attitude
And this goose (?) or is it a duck (not sure) was having a hissy fit too and looks as it's just stomping off in a big strop
My other favourite bird is an American Woodcock. When I first saw him he was trying to have a nap
But later saw him in all his glory. Look at how fantastic that head is - pure theatre
Finally it wasn't all ducks. Just to show that spring is in the air despite the freezing conditions.
So there we have it. A duck fest and hopefully I won't leave it as long to go to the WWT next time. Still one of my most favourite places in the world though I am, if you haven't noticed, a little obsessed with ducks. And thanks to my photography buddy for agreeing to see yet more ducks with me...

Martha Love's Flicker photostream

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Have come down with a virus, and still having problems with my arm so not much to report this week. Here are a selection of my latest photos from Flickr including photos I took last December when the pond in the local park froze over. I can never resist a water bird on ice

A Wet Weekend

Disaster has struck this week in that I have managed to let the muscles in my left arm get so tight that they are rubbing on my nerve. Yes ouch! So off I went to my beloved Dahnen who along with the Deep Muscle Massage which he normally gives me does sports massage. And the prognosis is that I can't crochet for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! I was distraught... Anyway onwards and upwards! Here is what I finished just before I had to take things easy for my brother in law's birthday:
Taken from Emily Hogarth's 'The Crafter's Guide to Papercutting'. Took much longer than I thought but I enjoyed it and was happy with the outcome.

I did this for my friend who is 60 next week. I started after  my arm started to play up so wasn't as detailed as I'd like but here me go!

But today was a wet rainy Sunday so OH and I popped to the British Museum. Seems that every man and his dog had the idea but I took a few snaps:
Loved this little fella made out of gold - I think he was Roman. The detail was amazing!
Again I think this is Roman but really reminded me of a similar figurine in the V&A by Picasso
Now how is this for a bit of bling! A piece from the Snettisham Hoard which I think is Anglo Saxon
This is also from the Hoard - the detail again is incredible!
We also had a look in the South American galleries which was inspired by watching  Jago Cooper's fab series on the History of South America. Really liked both above and below in B&W
Finally one of my favourite pieces at the BM is a figure from Easter Island. Love it!
Hoping though that next week is a little drier as it was so wet, cold and miserable....

The Grimaldi Service

Joseph Grimaldi (1778-1837) was a legendary performer who went on to define the appearance and persona of what we know as the clown. On the first Sunday in February there is a ceremony for clowns held at Holy Trinity Church in Dalston (as the church where Grimadli is buried on Pentonville Rd is now office blocks) and I persuaded OH to come with me to check it out. And boy did it put a smile on my face!
There was a bit of a rugby scrum of photographers
With everyone wanting a piece of the action  (Salvo in the centre)
And although not everyone seemed to happy
Some even wanted to cry (Chuckles)
Most were happy to pose (Chuckles)
Even if they needed their friends for support as they were a little shy
Pose they did
But it was a serious affair with two Revs, Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin and the Revd. Roly Bain
Roly who is the honary curate and Clowns Chaplain
With their own security
Red noses a glowing (Mattie)
And make up made it one of the best things I've experienced in ages. Annoyingly OH didn't want to sit through the service so we popped to the pub but we did come back and watch everyone leaving. I am determined to go again next year and sit through the sevrice - an amazing experience and certainly put a smile on my face - but who wouldn't smile at it!