Crafty success

Yay! I did my first ever craft fair (well except for the few I did as a teenager selling homemade buttons) and it was a success! The fair in Dulwich has been established for a very long time and many of the makers there are established so I was more than a little nervous.... however once I had my first sale my nerves settled a little and I really enjoyed the day, and made some money!

Along with my cards I also took my jewellery which I've been working on for sometime but hadn't tested it on an audience. I wasn't sure how people would react to it, especially next to my friend Sophie's stand who is a proper jeweller but my sales were 50/50 cards and jewellery so success!

And here is Sophie's work

It was thanks to Sophie for pursuading me that my work was good enough to do the sale and it's certainly helped my confidence! And I hope to do more fairs next year though for now I think I need an early night to recover!

A busy weekend

It's been a busy weekend this week. Following my return from sunny Cumbria (yes you read correctly sunny, a rare treat if you've ever been there!) I've been the card elf all weekend in preparation for my first ever craft fair in early December.
On top of this pile of cards I started my first ever trade order. Fingers crossed that this is the first of many....

Following a haircut at the wonderful Andre Pierre I popped into another craft event on Coldhabour lane (Brixton) the New Vintage Market to say hello to Sinead from Galavant and Little Miss B whose work I was checking out for accessories for  the Fighting Cocks (best live band in London) who are revamping their look 

Little Miss B's hats
And rings

Galavant's jewellery

Sunday was a glorious day. There is nothing like Autumn sunshine with the leaves turning. We went for a long walk through St James' Park, Green Park, Hyde Park down to South Kensington. Here are some of the pictures I took along the way:

This image, and that of the toy soldiers below was taken at the model shop we discovered on our Tyburn walk and I asked OH if we could make a quick detour so I could use a different lense to take pictures. I was very please with the results!

Finally we ended up at the Natural History Museum to see the Wildlife Exhibition, my annual pilgrimage.

On the way to the exhibition we went through the bird section so was able to get up close and personal with a vulture - stuffed of course I regret to say.

You could say they were as dead as a .....

Images from Cumbria

I've returned from a week staying with my folks in Cumbria, aka the Lake District. I was incredibly lucky with amazing weather so spent three glorious days sitting in the sunshine making cards. Below are some of the images I took around my mum and dad's house: 

This sign for 'dirty carrots' still makes me laugh. Spotted in the local shop in the village where I was born.
Managed to get quite close to some of the birds that my mum and dad feed in the garden as the weather was so mild. At times they can have nearly 100 birds waiting to be fed. I love the red of the Japanese maple coming through.
As the weather was so mild there were still lots of flowers around. My mum dries these as well, the colours were fabulous.

My dad loves growing his veg in the garden. The sunshine through the leaves was amazing.
My mum told me of this fantastic lichen in the garden which was a photo opportunity I couldn't resist.
And here is Dad hard at work in the garden. Both he and mum were out in the garden most mornings while I was there. Not bad for 70!
Finally this is moss on the wall inspired by BBC's Autumnwatch. I was quite pleased with the results!

Christmas is coming

Finally I've managed to get my act together and have started to make Christmas cards - possible a little late but I'm doing a craft fair in December so have been making cards in a bit of a panic! Will be going up on Etsy soon. Will need to make in addition over 100 to send myself!

Mile stones

O.H.'s brilliant sister had a major birthday this month and so a special card was needed. It's the first original design I've done for a papercut so was quite chuffed with the results. What do you think?

A week later after I made Cate's card I realised that my friend Barry wasn't just celebrating a birthday but his 50th. Panic set in at first that I didn't have a card for him but then realised I could re-use the same pattern! And so several hours later:

And I now have a pattern I've scanned into the pc and can use again and again and again - progress! If anyone needs a 50th birthday card let me know!

Tracing the Tyburn

Firstly apologies, it has been over since a month since I last wrote. Life has suddenly become hectic. Not only is work incredibly busy but I've got my first craft fair in December and so have been manically trying to make cards so I have enough stock. Trust me it's a lot of Christmas cards! In addition I need to make a further 100 cards for my own use! It's  a good job I like making them!

Anyway in all this rush I've only just uploaded these photos I took while O.H. and I were on a walk following the hidden river of the Tyburn (yes as in the famous execution sites near Marble Arch). The walk meanders up from Vauxhall, over Oxford Street and ends up in Paddington. It was a glorious Sunday and although it was an interesting walk it was mainly items in windows on walls that captured my imagination.

I couldn't resist this image which was in a little alley type street round the back of Victoria Station. Just love the fact that it's above a window!

Mmm cake... I currently have a strange fixation with cup cakes. I always like the idea of eating them but they're never as nice as they look. As it is I can never eat these when O.H. (aka the food police) is around so I make do with the photos

Ah the good old English trait of changing letters on a notice. There's no barking in a wonderful mews round the back of Berkley Square

I'm becoming obsessed with graffiti and street art. I know this is now Banksy but it made me smile!

Finally the following photos were taken in the window of a modelling shop. Luckily it was on a Sunday so the shop was closed. It was one of the best and weirdest shop windows I've seen for ages:

Yep traditional toy soldiers is what you'd expect......

But famous Nazis? Obviously people buy them but why?
But then it got weirder. Strictly come dancing
Followed by topless burlesque dancers? Weird

Crafty Fox market at the Thames Festival

I had a fun few hours this weekend while O.H. was watching the beloved Arsenal to go down to the Thames Festival and take a few pictures for the Crafty Fox who were part of the Craft Trail comprising of five craft collectives showing emerging artists. I met Sinead from the Craft Fox through her Etsy Shop Galavant  and discovered she was not only a fellow Brixtonian but we both work for the same University! I helped out at the usual Crafty Fox market at the Dogstar in Brixton a couple of weeks ago (as it was only down the road) which I really enjoyed and the market was a great success. So I was happy to come down to take a few snaps of the many artists taking part of the pop up market in front of Tate Modern. 

The range of the artists Sinead selected was inspired and it was great to have a chat with people while taking shots. Below are my personal favourites:  

 Fellow card maker Lil3birdy had a great collection with one of my favourite subjects - birds!

Hope and Eden  had a great stall which also gave brilliant photo opportunities opposite St Paul's Cathedral and put a smile on my face

Forgotten Stitches  - I love these deer and Valentine heart - actually I think I could have bought everything!

These little dog heads by Bumble and Earwig really made me smile! You could get a stag and wild animals like tigers and bears which were amazing, quirky little faux taxidermy heads. A fine addition to any wall!

Little Miss B had an amazing display stand made of records as well as so much vintage expired accessories it was hard to choose a favourite. A customer had just spend five minutes before I arrived trying practically everything on. Luckily they did also buy something! 

Stuffed Nonense had so much to choose from that were fabulous and again great for photo opportunities!

These are just a small selection of what was on show. I could have showed something from every stall but it would have been the longest blog ever!!! The Crafty Fox is a welcome discovery and for me is wonderful that it's local and something I've been able to help in a very small way. Roll on the Christmas Fair!