A Walk in the Park

So the weather in September has been a little bit odd to say the least. Yesterday OH and I went for a walk to look at the start of the autumn colour but the temperature was a barmy 25c - the average for the time of year is 19c.

So yesterday's walk started in St James' Park and ended up in South Kensington via Green Park and Hyde Park.

In St James' there was an amazing outside exhibitions of images linked with the First World War. 
It was an incredible set of stunning images which were of landscapes taken now but played their part in the conflict 100 years ago. 
St James' was in full bloom as you can see with Whitehall in the background. 

The reflections in the lake in St James were so vibrant 
As were the flowers

And look - a pineapple - very random! 
There were many, many people feeding the birds in the parks which created a bit of rugby scrum at times. Just look at these pigeons battling it out! 
As you can see autumn was starting to make it's mark 
Even down the Mall  entering into Green Park 

We're now in Hyde Park where there were so many roller skaters and cyclists out enjoying the sunshine
But also lots of wildlife trying to look their best 

Or just bobbing about on the water
But my favourite thing about this time of the year is the colour. The walk certainly put a spring our step, am hoping the colours stay a little longer until we enter the long winter months! 

The writing is on the wall

As you may be aware I live in and love Brixton. Last week Brixton was one of the design districts for Design Week so the area was a little more creative than usual. At the end of this week these fabulous sketches turned up on an empty council building by Pam Williams. They depict 'moments captured from life as locals discuss, argue, build and celebrate our vibrant neighbourhood'. They put such a smile on my face when I first saw them and I hope they stay up for a while. To me they sum up what a fantastic community Brixton has and whilst Brixton is in the middle of being 'gentrified' I'm reminded why I love the area so much. Anyway thought I'd share them with you - enjoy!

Stockwell Festival

Blimey it's been a busy old couple of weeks. So many fun things to do and not enough time! You may recall I went to the Lambeth Country Fair back in July. I think I may have forgotten to mention that some of my pictures were then featured in Brixton Blog. Anyway someone from the Stockwell Festival spotted them and asked me if I would take photos of the event for them. I was well chuffed!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be a great day. Here is a selection of what was going on:
 Ok so first up the main stage which was actually a bus - clever idea! Anyway I'd seen Naomi Keysha at Splash and really enjoyed her stuff. Actually found myself singing along.... 

 Cassandra London did some amazing reggae
Hackney based singer Aleisha Lee 
 There was loads of things for kids to do including an Art4space free clay workshop
 Amazing cakes - all vegan - very tempting but to my shame I'd wolfed down a hog roast bun so was a little but full.... 
 Balloons but this guy wasn't relaxed when I took his photo - I did ask him if it was OK!
There was a great workshop given by Swingland 
And an amazing body popping display by Soul Footwork 
 Yep you've guessed it we've switch to landscape - more of Soul Footwork 
 And Swingland giving a demonstration before their workshop 
 I missed these guys from Entwined Shades Dance Company giving their Zumba demo
But did catch this lot giving a demonstration. The tent was heaving and I struggled to get a decent shot! 
 And finally there were a lot of dogs. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home had an arena where people could enter their dogs in various competitions such as Most Obedient Dog, Best Trick, Best Biscuit Catcher and Cutest Dog. And so I'm going to end with a dog fest. There were just soooo many cute dogs! 

Told you - cute dogs. Anyway want to read more? Check out my piece in