Crafty Fox bonanza

Wow, I've had an amazing two weekends photographing the Crafty Fox Markets. This December there were not one, not two but three markets, with different makers in each spread over 2 weekends. And even  better OH was at a stag do so it meant I could attend both days of the Brixton Markets!
I treated myself some of Kate Rowlands  jewellery this year. I took a risk and also bought a lucky dip and was fully expecting to feel disappointed by what was inside but how wrong was I! The lucky dip was full of fabulous goodies!
I was really chuffed with this photo of Anna Collette Hunt work.
Atelier Stella' s work sells like hot cakes. So cute.... 
Was great to see Bex from Stuffed Nonsense back at the Crafy Fox. She is such an inspiration
I think I may have taken a picture of Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons, a great blog for budding sewers. She was also on the Great British Sewing Bee last year and is a Brixton local (at least I think it's her!). I only realised when I was editing photos when I got home, otherwise I would have said hello to her.
The difficult thing about taking photos of the Crafty Fox Market is trying to keep it looking fresh and different so I've been experimenting with shutter speeds and f stops and ended up with some really interesting shots.
How amazing are these felt needled taxidermy brooches from Bumble and Earwig 
As I say the problem with doing Crafty Fox so often is that I often find drawn to my regular favourites! Pygmy Cloud makes me smile every time!
OK we've now moved into the second weekend of Crafty Fox, this time at the Bussey Building in Peckham and WOW! A M A Z I NG! such an incredible vibe. Above is the work of Lucy Loves This 
Alice from Birds in Hats was working on a new design. Yes well spotted it's not a bird but a very cute dinosaur and great to see artists at work, even during a very busy fair.
Couldn't resist another photo of Bumble and Earwig's work - how cute is this mole! Loved it!
This is the amazing Harriet Riddell who stitches a portrait in fabric whilst you wait. She was at the Crafty Fox's Cut and Paste shop (with Brixton's Brixi) launch and did a portrait of my friend Claire. She is a joy to watch!
Crafting is the new clubbing.....
And just look how busy the fair was. Everyone agreed it was just buzzing 
I arrived a little later than I would have liked (half an hour after it opened) and it was already busy. Many makers were selling out towards the end of the day. Just a most amazing event. I love that the Crafty Fox go from strength to strength, year on year. Such a privilege to be involved in a small way, and I love meeting so many creative and inspiring people. I wonder what 2014 has in store!

For more photos of Crafty Fox events, both mine and other photographers go to the Crafty Fox facebook page. Like what you see? Sign up to their mailing list!