The Conservatory at the Barbican

 OH and I went to the wonderful Strange and Familiar exhibition at the Barbican Centre curated by Martin Parr which I will post about soon but after the exhibition we stumbled up The Conservatory. This is basically a huge glasshouse in the middle of the Barbican Centre with house plants which are giant versions of your average house plant. Here is what I saw

 And back outside in case you thought there was a giant tower inside the Conservatory :)

Curtain Up

Last Friday I took a cheeky half days holiday so I could get out and about and enjoy some RnR. After a successful trip to John Lewis wool shopping I jumped on the tube down to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I popped into the new Botticelli Reimagined  but as is the way with large exhibitions there was no photography OR sketching so you will have to make do with some snaps from a room dedicated to photography which I don't think I've ever seen before.

I'd discovered the photography gallery whilst making my way to the Theatre Galleries to see 'Curtain Up' a new display celebrating 40 years of the Olivier Awards - the theatre's version of the Oscars.
It was celebrating theatre and musicals both in the West End and Broadway. Above costume design from the Phantom of the Opera
Set design from Warhorse
Costumes from The Lion King
Chicago worn by Ruthie Henshaw
And The Audience worn by Helen Mirren  
The most impressive display was from a Curious Incident of  the Dog at Night Time
Not quite sure I've done it justice but hopefully you get the idea. 
After the exhibition I wandered through the galleries of what use to be the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden which is now housed within the V&A.
There was a whole section of headwear mainly of pantomime dames 
And finally I could resist another pic of the fabulous Adam Ant's costume for Prince Charming. Takes me back to happy memories from my youth. One of my first favorite bands back in the day.... Oh and a cheeky reflection shot of me dear reader if you look close enough!

So there we have it. I should add that I was allowed to take photos in the free Curtain Up exhibition and was indeed encouraged to snap away. I was, however, incredibly disappointed by the Bottecelli exhibition though I suppose it didn't really help that I'm not a huge fan of the original art work at the best of times. But I do get frustrated by galleries not allowing you to take photos.

Dinner Guests

As you may know I live in central Brixton but luckily where I live is surrounded by a huge communal garden. I have bird feeders which seem to attract more and more birds which is fantastic. Yesterday I decided I would take a few snaps of some of the visitors. Sadly everyone was photo shy except the cheeky starlings. 

A lot of people seem to be very negative about these little beauties but their numbers are falling so I welcome there arrival. For the longest of times I have only seen three at a time but in recent weeks their numbers have soared to at least seven!

Despite there being three feeders they still like to have a fight over dinner. Some people just have no table manners! 
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can get some decent shots of the seventeen or so House Sparrows who have made their home in the garden, or the Blue Tit, Robin, Wren, Dunnock, Green Finch or Lesser Spotted Woodpecker I've seen. The city - there is more wildlife than you think!

Surprise walk in the East End

This weekend I was super excited as a new exhibition called 'Clangers, Bagpuss & Co' had opened at the V&A Museum of Childhood over in Bethnal Green. Except when we arrived we realised that we were actually a week early! Doh! Our plans for the day were scuppered and we had to think on our feet. OH suggested walking along the canal which was close by and I requested that we pop over to Broadway Market which was on the way. Here is what we saw:
Yes sorry this is a reflections warning..... what can I say - I just can't get enough of them!
A lot of the graffitti along the canal was just tagging and so very disappointing but I loved this
For a split second I thought this was real but then realised that actually it was just a model...

This is a reflection, not looking up to the sky.
A random still life on board one of the many, many canal boats lining the route.

A boat that had seen better days....
I got a bit carried away with the reflections of this gas container.... If you pop over to my instagram account you can also see a short video of the reflection.

I could have spent hours photographing this but OH wanted to press on

A quick shot of the lovely but crowded Broadway Market.
And finally some more reflections, this time around the City area as we waited for a bus home