Made by Me Christmas Special

I haven't done a made by me for a while, mainly because I've been making presents for Christmas and so couldn't share them with you beforehand for obvious reasons. So here's what I've been up to:
First up a selection of this year's Christmas cards. I've been making my own Christmas cards for over 20 years now and many people say that they keep the cards I make them. I figured that if that was the case they should have something useful so I made a range of cards that doubled as Christmas decorations. 
The tree stumps are made from sticks of cinnamon to give them the smell of Christmas. 

 The decorations were great for those I was delivering by hand but I realised that the Christmas trees were too fat to post, plus the cinnamon sticks might have been crushed so I made 2 different sorts of machine appliqued robins which were much more practical. 

Next up is Gruber, made for my friend Sophie who has a birthday straight after Christmas. The design is from a magazine I bought a couple of years ago and is by The Felt Mistress whose work I adore (and whose new book I got for Christmas - yay). I've been meaning to make him for ages and finally pulled my finger out. 
 I must admit he did take a lot longer than I thought he would be I loved the little details I could give him.  

My dad is notoriously difficult to buy for but mum had suggested he'd really like a picture of a Bee-eater so this is what I came up with. I only realized after I'd cut him out and stuck the fabric down that the legs aren't really correct but apart from that anomaly I was really chuffed with the result. 
And finally I made two brooches for my mum (above) and niece (below) using the new skills I learnt this year in cutting silver though I cheated a little and got my dad to solder the brooch back. 
So that's your lot for the time being. I'm looking forward to making more in 2017.

Christmas at Kew

OH and I have a new Christmas tradition, Christmas at Kew. We went last year and it was such a magical experience. This year we went with OH's family and a close friend of mine which meant we were a party of 7 - not idea conditions for taking pictures as it was very busy and it's easy to loose people in the dark so the photos aren't my best but they give you an idea of the trail which we meandered through in just under two hours:
 If you're in London I can't recommend this highly enough. You need to book early as it does book up quickly but it is such a joy and sets you up for the Christmas holidays.  

Let The Light In: The perfect triangle: Rankin, Grayson Perry and I am Acrylic

You may have read my previous post about our wander down the Thames. We had gone to the South Bank with a purpose. One was to check out the 3D trees you could hug (though we couldn't be bothered to wait in the queue as you had to put on a lot of gear) but also to see a small exhibition of Rankin's work.

Now I love Rankin, and you may be aware I love Grayson Perry. So imagine my excitement to hear that Rankin had photographed Grayson Perry and his lovely wife. Now double that because the jewellery they are wearing is designed by the wonderful I am Acrylic. I was so excited for Brendan and Ruth (the creative duo behind I am Acrylic) as I've seen their work go from strength to strength in the past couple of years. Anyway here are the pics of their work as others from the exhibition which is called 'Let the Light In' celebrating the launch of an exclusive jewellery collection, all proceeds are going towards  the restore the South Bank Centre.

Fog on the Thames

I know, two blog posts straight after each other which feature fog. What can I say, it's that time of year when London enjoys the spectacle of fog. I must admit, however, I wasn't actually expecting to see fog when I did. I woke up expecting to see fog and there was none, a little while later it crept in but despite being on holiday I didn't rush out with the camera as I was waiting for OH to stir and by the time we had got our act together the fog had disappeared.
Our plan for the day was to see the Wildlife Exhibition at the Natural History Museum and then go to the South Bank and walk down the river to Vauxhall. Walking over Hungerford Bridge I was amazed to see fog on the river, during the day. I've seen fog on the Thames first thing but never during the day. Anyway here is what we saw enjoying the mist and sun starting to set as we walked down the river.

A foggy start to the day

Earlier this week at work a Hollywood blockbuster was being filmed on the square where I work. It's a spoof on Sherlock Holmes and my colleagues and I spent the week watching in bemusement as half of the square was turned into Victorian England complete with horse and carts, prams and handcarts as well as hordes of extras. On the last day of filming they did some night shots with lots of artificial fog bellowing across the streets. Well this morning I woke up to the real deal and so took the opportunity to take some snaps. I kind of followed the light and ended up in Brockwell Park which just looked stunning as the sun shone through and the fog started to lift. Here is what I saw: