Fog on the Thames

I know, two blog posts straight after each other which feature fog. What can I say, it's that time of year when London enjoys the spectacle of fog. I must admit, however, I wasn't actually expecting to see fog when I did. I woke up expecting to see fog and there was none, a little while later it crept in but despite being on holiday I didn't rush out with the camera as I was waiting for OH to stir and by the time we had got our act together the fog had disappeared.
Our plan for the day was to see the Wildlife Exhibition at the Natural History Museum and then go to the South Bank and walk down the river to Vauxhall. Walking over Hungerford Bridge I was amazed to see fog on the river, during the day. I've seen fog on the Thames first thing but never during the day. Anyway here is what we saw enjoying the mist and sun starting to set as we walked down the river.

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