Let The Light In: The perfect triangle: Rankin, Grayson Perry and I am Acrylic

You may have read my previous post about our wander down the Thames. We had gone to the South Bank with a purpose. One was to check out the 3D trees you could hug (though we couldn't be bothered to wait in the queue as you had to put on a lot of gear) but also to see a small exhibition of Rankin's work.

Now I love Rankin, and you may be aware I love Grayson Perry. So imagine my excitement to hear that Rankin had photographed Grayson Perry and his lovely wife. Now double that because the jewellery they are wearing is designed by the wonderful I am Acrylic. I was so excited for Brendan and Ruth (the creative duo behind I am Acrylic) as I've seen their work go from strength to strength in the past couple of years. Anyway here are the pics of their work as others from the exhibition which is called 'Let the Light In' celebrating the launch of an exclusive jewellery collection, all proceeds are going towards  the restore the South Bank Centre.

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