Crafty Fox Market in Brixton

Blimey it's been non stop the past week. Saturday saw the Crafty Fox Market return to the Dogstar for the Bank Holiday weekend. I could only go on the Saturday but here are a few of my favourite pics:
First up the wonderful Made by Mrs M. Treated myself to a new Travelcard holder
 Above and below Rosie Brewer

 There are some makers who's things are a joy to photograph. Lizzie Chambers' delicate jewellery is one of them

 Crafty Fox regular Andsmile was doing her ever popular 10 minute portraits. This time there was a sign up sheet which avoided long queues. 

 Workshops included making a Pajaki (traditional Polish Chandelier (which can also be found in Brixi, Brixton Village)

 and a I Make Knots necklace using up-cycled textiles and yarns.

Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum Part 2

If you've read Part 1 you will notice that all but one of the pictures from Sensational Butterflies are, as you'd expect, of the butterflies but you can see their full life cycle within the exhibition.
If you looked closely on the vegetation throughout the display you could see caterpillars happily munching on the leaves. 
Cocoons were then collected up and placed in a hatchery were you could see row up row of cocoons waiting to hatch 
 These ones looked truly alien but I swear there are butterflies in there
 and you could also watch some emerging into the light 
When they first emerge their wings are scrunched up and it takes a few hours for their wings to fill out 
  It's an incredible process watching them inflate
  and wait to dry out  
 though some did seem to struggle with the process. This poor thing looked as if it was struggling with it's new found wings. It must be a shock to the system to go to sleep as one thing then wake up with a completely different body!
 Apologies for the sudden image switch but some how they work better as portrait.

 So there we have it. If you're in London it's well worth the £6 entry fee and is guaranteed to awake the inner wonder in anyone. It's open until 11th September so there is plenty of time to catch it. My recommendation is to go during the week and arrive at 10am before the hoards arrive.

A Walk in the Park: Brockwell Park bathes in sunshine

I had a rare day off on Monday which I had all planned out until I woke up and opened the curtains. The weather forecast had been for cloudy at best so I was not expecting to see glorious blue sky when I opened the curtains. I was due at the Natural History Museum at 10am (see here for why) but figured if I got my skates on I would have about 45 minutes to rush to Brockwell Park and see the glorious flowers in the Walled Garden. Possibly one of my favourite places in London. Here is a snap shot of what I saw:

 What a great start to the day! It's amazing what a bit of sunshine and spring colour can do to put a spring in your step!