Flowers in the air

It's new card time (I've got to remember that I started this blog to show off my creations and not get distracted by Bert's adventures!). Anyway above is a new design called Flowers in the Air (no I don't know why either!) which will be up on the Etsy and Folksy shops soon!
I've also got round to mounting two new photo cards. So here are the Barbarellas!

To me they look as if they are having a quick break before breaking into a four part harmony!

And finally Kung Fu Fighting! Ducks do the funniest things.....

Bert about town

You might remember when I last wrote that O.H. brought Bert, the Farting Hippo into my life for my birthday. The other part of my birthday pressie was a trip on the Duck Tour in London town. Now you may or may not know that I have a slight obsession with ducks (look at the Flickr pages for proof) but the duck tour does not involve actual ducks. It's a truck which goes all James Bond and can float in the river. So O.H. and I pretended to be tourists for 70 mins and enjoyed the sights and sounds of tourist London and we felt it only right that we take Bert who is new in town having just landed town from the States. So here is Bert and the House of Parliament:

And back on dry land here's Bert in front of the London Eye, with Big Ben in the background:

And finally we visited a small fun fair at the South Bank so here's Bert just before he went on the Helter Skelter....

Bert enjoyed his day out so much that we might taken him out again.... O.H. can hardly wait!

Birthday treats

 It was my birthday at the weekend which involved a jam packed weekend of fun and treats. OH brought Bert, the farting hippo into my life. I have honestly never laughed so much in my life! Despite been a fan of NCIS I didn't actually put two and two together and realise that Bert is the same hippo that sits on Abby's desk but OH did import Bert from the States and he is 'official' NCIS merchandise. Worringly you can accessorise Bert with an vast array of collors!

Anyway I also had Friday to myself which meant I could finally get to my beloved Wetlands Centre in Barnes (OH doesn't like to go so I haven't been for ages). The look of love was definatley in the air:

as these marble teal demonstrate!

and these American Woodcocks....

even sharing a bath....

and finally my favourite bird of all time, the white headed duck, was in full colour

This male was in fine form and I have quite an unpublishable picture which certainly turned OH's stomach and was the talk of the evening in the pub with friends on Friday! Just contact me if you want to know more!

I also managed to pop up to Islington and checked out the Make Lounge's Shop and bought some lino cutting tools for a possible project (watch this space):

It was a small but well stocked shop with fabulous fabric, books for all tastes, handmade goods, threads and of course stamping / lino cutting tools.

Finally we then went down to see some of the Clerkenwell Design week. My good friend Trixie had her wonderful scarves on show at the Craft Central who had an open studio weekend:

After a late night in the pub I spent most of Sunday curling up on the sofa thinking I should be doing something but not managing to summon the energy..... until next year!

Animals do the funniest things

By day Martha Love toils behind a desk as an administrator and life at work has been a little hectic this week so I thought I would share with you what has made me laugh recently. Over Easter I went back to the Motherland, aka Cumbria, aka the Lake District to visit the folks and help dad celebrate the aforementioned 70th birthday (see wire lapwing).

I normally go home for Christmas, in the midst of winter with snow and ice. The folks live literally in the middle of no where, nearest next door neighbour is a mile away. So mid winter can be a dark and cold place. Spring however is a competely different kettle of fish! Sun was shining, lambs were running around and I was able to sit out in the garden every day I was there (virtually unheard of!) soaking up the rays and enjoying the constant bird song.

And so off I ventured with the camera to take shots of the lambs enjoying the joys of youth. I got some nice shots (see Flickr: - April 2011) but I hit gold with this:

Other gems taken recently of images that have really made me smile are:

Skating seagull taken at Kew Gardens in Winter 2010. And:

A red pochard taken at WWT Barnes which to me looks like a duck singing in the shower

Hope you enjoy!

New Baby

New design made in honor of a new arrival to the world of 'Aurora'. Although it's a simple design it's very cute and the proud parent's really liked it!

Wire Lapwing

For Christmas I had intended to make Dad a sculpture out of wire but as they say all the best laid plans.....

I'd attend a fantastic wire sculpture workshop a year and a half ago run by Mel Day at Walford Mill in Dorset (my aunt lives near by so it was easy to get to) and loved it but never got round to putting into practise what I learnt.

I think part of it was the fear of 3D! I've been making things ever since I can remember but 9 times out of 10 they have been 2D. But Dad was approaching the grand old age of 70 and so it was time to step up  to the plate, put aside my fears and just do it. The first attempt was a truely awful blue tit. The wire I was using was just too bendy and I gave up half way through.

I returned to the pile of birding books I have to find inspirations. And there it was, a lapwing. One of my most favourite birds (they make a really cool noise too).

I was suppose to be going to a Golden Wedding anniversary of friends of the OH (other half) but was running out of time to make damn thing. So I cancelled the anniversay do and set the whole day aside for creativity. And here is the result:

And here is  a picture of the real thing (taken at Leighton Moss RSPB reserve)

All I have to do now is keep it up and try something new every so often... 

Brixton Windmill

I have lived in Brixton since the mid ninties and love it! Having been brought up in rural Cumbria (the Lake District) it's refreshing to live somewhere with a strong community feel. I was delighted to hear that the Brixton Windmill, which has stood neglected for far too long, has finally re-opened. We went to the opening on 2nd May and couldn't believe how many people turned up for the parade up Brixton Hill to the site.

There was a competition for the best dressed May Queen as well as stalls, stilt walkers and a folk band. A fine example of the community spirit!

For more images see my Flickr account:


Perhaps it's old age but the concept of a blog is a little alien. I set up this account over  a year ago but have never known what to put up. I have come to the conclusion that I just have to jump in feet first and put pen to paper (ok fingers to keyboard) and see what happens...

I may just be writing to myself or I may get a following. Who knows! But I thought that the blog could be a good platform to show off my creative side and also a diary of what I've been up to. There may be a flurry of blogs, there may be long periods of silence but this is the way my creativity has always been.

So I should introduce myself and what I do. A friend once described me as a cross between Martha Stewart and Courtney Love. I am always making things but also had a semi rock 'n' roll life style (at the time I was dating a roadie and so hanging out at Brixton Academy but I still love my music). The description sums me up and so my online persona of Martha Love was born.

By day I'm an administrator in a university, by night I like to make stuff. This ranges from cards (see Marthaloves on, take photos (see Marthalove on, designing cross stitch patterns (it looks better than it sounds, trust me!) and I've ventured into wire sculpture as well as listening to lots of music and going on walks with Ben, the very patient other half to discover more of London, the great city we live in.

I get over excited about many things and have recently been described as being like a puppy by Ben. I want to do so much and feel there is so little time to do it in.... Hopefully a blog with (hopefully) an audience will help me to focus and achieve more! Or at least share my enthusiasm for life and all it holds.

So welcome! I hope you enjoy the mad capped world of Martha Love which will cover cards, ducks, photos, sheep, walks, flowers, friends, music, quizzes and much more...