Crafty Fox Market LDF 2015

I love London Design Festival as there are always loads going on. Sadly I've been suffering from a virus for 2 weeks and so I've been out of action which has been very frustrating and missed a lot of this year's events. But having gotten some antibiotics from the doctor I was feeling a tad better on Saturday so made my way to Old Street for the Crafty Fox's contribution to LDF. Here are a few my favourite shots from the day
 OK so first up is the wonderful Viktorija from Andsmile who was doing 5 mins portraits. I knew this was going to be popular so my first stop of the day was to have mine done. Above is Viktorija in action and below is the end result. Blooming love it!  

If you go over to my Instragram account you can see a picture of me in the flesh with this image - she has got down to a tee

 Always love seeing Jill 's work 
 Nice to catch up with Jenny Sibthorp who's work I really like as well 
 I loved the drapery of this work by Hope and Hubris 
One day I'll get organised and buy more from Manolo  as I love the work 
 Was good to see James from Jimbob  making a rare appearance 
 I adore this Deep Sea Diver by Daniel Darby 

I really liked the clean lines of Monti's work 

 The whole venue was decorated with this fabulous paper installation by Little Paper Vee which was great! 

I am Acrylic were running their ever popular workshops - one day I will find the time to sit down and do this as it looks awesome!

 Loved this work by Rosemary Milner  - would love to get my hands on some of this fabric to make a dress or top 
I'd seen Soft Signs at 'ManMade' but the photos I took were rubbish - was relieved to see I did a better job with this one!
And finally Crafty Fox wouldn't be Crafty Fox without the tunes! Like what you see? More Crafty Fox action next week back on my home turf of Brixton 

Made By Me

I've been struggling with a virus for the past couple of weeks which has meant I've not really done much BUT I did manage to do 2 birthday cards for people. Hurrah!
First up a cute little card which I made from Michael Powell's new book called '20 Mini Cross Stitch Projects' which does what it says on the tin! I've been buying Michael Powell kits off and on for years as he seemed to be the only person doing contemporary designs (long before cross stitch was cool) and really like his style. You can see one example here. The book has 20 different projects many of which are great for cards and at under a fiver it's a bargain!! 
Next up is a belated 21st birthday card which I made for my honorary niece Erin (her 18th card can be found here). I was all inspired following my visit to the Handmade Fair and used some of the scrap packs I bought from Katie Essam

Not bad for what is in essence a first attempt and I really enjoyed the process. Hoping to make more, and get better as you can see some of the lines are a little wobbly - it's not as easy as it looks!! 

Handmade Fair 2015

Now I rarely win anything except the occasional scratch card on the lottery (biggest win a whopping £5!!) so was delighted to receive an email to say I'd won a ticket for Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair. I'd been debating whether to go or not before I got the email so it helped make my mind up.

So the start wasn't great - having queued up waiting for 10 minutes for the event to start with my printed out ticket the barcode didn't work and was told to go to the 'queries' desk. Another 10 minute wait resulted in being told that instead of scanning the ticket that they would just collect the ticket at the gate. I've been ill with a virus for the past week and a half so this was the first day out I'd had for ages and this didn't put me in the best frame of mind. But enough of this moaning - I went straight to the shopping village to hunt out this lovely lady who I knew would cheer up my day:

 Yes the lovely Floss & Mischief - a lovely lady who always put a smile on my face and set me up for the day. 

And a fellow cross stitch addict. Having had a really good chat I set off to see what else I could see: 

 The weather wasn't great and I could see it could get a whole lot worse before the day was out....

 The weather was a crazy mixture of sunshine, blue skies, grey skies and rain... 

 Yes I know it's only September but it's never to early to mention the 'C' word... 

 And yes the heaven's opened though thankfully it didn't last long, and I was safely under cover

 Was nice to see Lisa Comfort from Sew Over It who I've met before through Crafty Fox
 And here is 'Joan' launched at the Fair. I purchased a copy for a colleague at work

 Also lovely to see another familiar face, Hannah Bass who I met at a Stitch in Time Event at the British Library a couple of months ago. 

Also good to see fellow Brixtonite Tilly and the Buttons who helped inspire me to start making my own clothes. 
And here is the lady herself. She was posing for lots of photographs with punters so I took a cheeky shot and I'm rather pleased with it! 
 I fell in love with the work by Katie Essam 
So much so that I purchased a 'workshop in a bag' which is a fabulous idea as well as some Aida seconds from Floss and Mischief, a copy of 'Joan' by Sew Over It for a colleague from work, some lino for a Christmas card idea and some fabric scraps and fat quarters to play with! All in all a great haul and nice to catch up with some familiar faces. Only downside is that I now have a cold so, for the second weekend in a row, feel rotten! Ah well....