Crafty Fox market at the Thames Festival

I had a fun few hours this weekend while O.H. was watching the beloved Arsenal to go down to the Thames Festival and take a few pictures for the Crafty Fox who were part of the Craft Trail comprising of five craft collectives showing emerging artists. I met Sinead from the Craft Fox through her Etsy Shop Galavant  and discovered she was not only a fellow Brixtonian but we both work for the same University! I helped out at the usual Crafty Fox market at the Dogstar in Brixton a couple of weeks ago (as it was only down the road) which I really enjoyed and the market was a great success. So I was happy to come down to take a few snaps of the many artists taking part of the pop up market in front of Tate Modern. 

The range of the artists Sinead selected was inspired and it was great to have a chat with people while taking shots. Below are my personal favourites:  

 Fellow card maker Lil3birdy had a great collection with one of my favourite subjects - birds!

Hope and Eden  had a great stall which also gave brilliant photo opportunities opposite St Paul's Cathedral and put a smile on my face

Forgotten Stitches  - I love these deer and Valentine heart - actually I think I could have bought everything!

These little dog heads by Bumble and Earwig really made me smile! You could get a stag and wild animals like tigers and bears which were amazing, quirky little faux taxidermy heads. A fine addition to any wall!

Little Miss B had an amazing display stand made of records as well as so much vintage expired accessories it was hard to choose a favourite. A customer had just spend five minutes before I arrived trying practically everything on. Luckily they did also buy something! 

Stuffed Nonense had so much to choose from that were fabulous and again great for photo opportunities!

These are just a small selection of what was on show. I could have showed something from every stall but it would have been the longest blog ever!!! The Crafty Fox is a welcome discovery and for me is wonderful that it's local and something I've been able to help in a very small way. Roll on the Christmas Fair!