Crafty Fox goes North

For the first time ever the Crafty Fox went up North, over the river to Dalston. Not an area I know well except for the Clown Service so it was nice to go somewhere not so familiar. Other bonus was that it's near where OH lives so he came and met me afterwards so we could for a quick pint before heading back down south
So we were welcomed by this life size, 3D illustration by Jimbobart which can normally be seen in his inspirational shop in Cheshire Street. It was certainly an instagram hit. 
I treated myself to a Ceridwen Hazelchild mirror for a present. And it came in it's own little pouch - just perfect
 Love the bold colours of Georgia Bosson's work 
 A highlight of most of Crafty Fox markets is cake made by the wonderful Teas Knees. At the last market I completely missed my cake fix and so by the time I rocked up for my treat on a Sunday afternoon they'd run out. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo
So this time I was organised and treated myself to a simply divine piece of apply strudle type tart with a crunchy top and salted caramel. Simply delicious! I can also recommend their sausage rolls and piccalilli which help me get through the day. 
 Now most makers hate been included in my pictures but Rod from Rodolgy, my fellow Brixtonite was more than willing.  
 And his work (made of upcycled watches) is devine 
 And here is some of his new work. Such a joy to photograph but only now that I have the macro lens! 
Girl and Bird had an early start coming up from Bristol. She'd been up since 5am! Rather her than me
 Birds in Hats have a new much which is fab. 
 Love this image of I am Acrylic's work 
 Crafty Fox regular Mr Wingate was on hand for screen printing bags with a bit of seasonal cheer
 And foxes 
 Love this image of Jill's work 

So more Crafty Fox next week as it returns to it's spiritual home, Brixton and yep you've guessed it, I'll be there talking photos.  

Ta Dah moment

Do you remember this from February? 
Well 10 months later I finally finished what is going to be a Christmas present for my mum and dad
I was super pleased with the finished results and chuffed I managed to finish it with plenty of time to spare! 
And it's based on this photo. Not bad eh! Now if you know them mums the word until after Christmas as it's meant to be a surprise! 

Renegade Craft Fair London 2014

 It's November so that means it must be time for Renegade Craft Fair. I try and go every year (see here for last year's post) and each year it get's bigger and bigger. But before I get to the fair I had to share this stunning tree with you in Spitalfields Market. The colours were just breath taking and I think it's my favourite autumnal image this year, if not ever!
 Also the streets around Brick Lane where Renegade was taking place is just full of graffitti. Here are a few favourites:
 Right back to Renegade. This year was amazing as I knew so many people taking part. I went with my good friend Sophie who had to put up with me saying hello to lots of people and taking photos - not a good combination. Above is my fellow Brixtonite Hairy Jayne who isn't hairy but sells hair products with her hubby, who is hairy....
 Next up is the Gloucestershire possie - here is Floss and Mischief and her wonderful cross stitch kits 
And next to her the total inspirational Ampersands and Commodities aka Bex who also runs By the Yard which I visited back in July who doesn't realise quite how amazing she is!! 
 Next up is Terri Leahy  and her quirky toys
 I am Acrylic always puts on a fun display
 Mr Wingate who was a little sleep as he's just come back from a trip to Japan (the jammy bugger!) 
 Pygmy Cloud who's work always makes me smile (and is great to photograph!) 

 Another inspirational person Ladybird Likes who goes from strength to strength every time I see here! 
I love Jill 's work - I first spotted her at the Urban Art Fair a couple of years ago and she is now also a Crafty Fox regular
 And last (but not least) Birds in Hats 

There were many, many more makers at the fair that I knew but failed to take photos of. It's great to know so many creative people doing so well. I sometimes wish I was a bit more disciplined with my making and was able to set up a business. But on the other hand my making is so diverse I don't think I could ever define a brand. So I will continue with my photography (which has given me so many different experiences) as well as embroidery, dress making, card making, cross stitch and crochet. Which on reflection is quite a lot on top of  a full time job!! 

A whole new world

Last post from Cumbria and I wanted to share with you a new discovery for me. Lichen. Yes lichen! Now I've seen lichen before but I don't think I've ever quite noticed it looking quite so alien yet beautiful before! Perhaps it was because I was able to use the macro lens to capture this delicate, understated beauty that I was able to appreciate more. What do you think?