Alice in Wonderland

It's been a slow week in the life of Marthaloves. Work has been particularly hectic and now I've come down with a virus which means I've lost a whole weekend!  I was suppose to be going to Birmingham with O.H. to help celebrate his granny's birthday but had to cry off at the last minute. I have however managed one new design which I was very pleased with:

I was particularly pleased with the fact that the paper is getting smaller and smaller with each piece. What do you think?

The card also helped to inspire an Etsy treasury called 'Wonderland over the Rainbow' which covers items inspired by Alice in Wonderland and my absolute favourite the Wizard of Oz. So far it's been my most popular treasury on Etsy

As is if that wasn't enough fantasy for you I bought some fantastic downloads from Piddix on Etsy this week, with some Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz images along with vintage flora and fauna for future projects. The quality was outstanding and can't wait to get started with them. Watch this space!

Finally I've also set up a Marthaloves facebook page (oh look at me with all my new social media pages!). If you like the blog and shop, press the like button on Facebook to get regular updates....

Until next time.....

Birthday season

First hot off the press news! I've had my first Etsy sale to someone who is not a friend! A lady in Poland bought two cards and made my week! I was so excited! Onwards and upwards!

Anyway late May and early June is birthday season within my set of friends. I know so many Gemini's it's just not funny and so I've been making lots of birthday cards at the moment. Like the idiot I am I've don't take pictures of all of them but here are the latest three I've produced this weekend:

Leela's birthday card

My mum's birthday card. The violet was grown and pressed by my fair hands. Other flowers created using the Big Shot die cutting tool (my hands haven't recovered fully from making Dad's Father's day card last week!). I hope she likes it! I also wrapped her presents in hand stencilled paper which I was quite chuffed with though no image I'm afraid....

Finally Tiff's birthday card and the hair clip bought from the fabulous 'More Brains, Vicar?'

As a result of a joint birthday celebrations for Tiff and Leela I am suffering a little today... I suppose this is what Sundays are for! Next Sunday is O.H.'s granny's 90 something birthday, hopefully won't be suffering as much the following day! 

Made with love

Hopefully you all know it's Father's Day this Sunday (if not quick, run to Etsy and buy a handmade card!!!). O.H and I were incredibly lucky with the weather for our adventure on Saturday (see Journeys in London) as it was raining cats and dogs on Sunday. So it was a lazy day of not doing much which gave me the perfect opportunity to make Dad's Father's Day card.
Now my dad does really ask for much but I know he appreciates a handmade card so there's an extra pressure to make it good! I've been following Suzy Taylor's blog who is an amazing papercutting artist, and I really like the clever simplicity of StoreyShop on Etsy amoungst others so I'd developed a craving to get the craft knife out and do some paper cutting. I've done it before and love it but must admit that I always end up with a numb fore finger after a while (if you've ever done it you'll know what I mean!) so I don't do it as often as I'd like. But I dug out my trusty copy of 'Paper Cuts' by Taylor Hagerty and adapted a couple of designs by Cynthia Ferguson. Two hours later produced this:

I was really pleased with and I think Dad will be too. Only problem is that it's Mum's birthday in a couple of weeks and I think I may have set myself up for a fall..... Best get that thinking hat on for the next creation!

Journeys in London

Yesterday was a day of sunshine and luckily no showers (despite the forecast) so O.H. and I went for one of our walks which ended up being a little adventure! My desired destination was a new craft fair called the Dandy Lion Market at the Boogaloo in Highgate. But first we had to get there from Manor House which involved a shortish (3 mile) walk through Finsbury Park then though a nature reserve which used to be an railway line (which my dad can actually remember when it was running in the early 50s!). I took my small point and click to get the following:

Which way????
 O.H. plowing ahead, he knows there is a pint with his name on at!
Graffiti artists can work here without prosecution

We reached our destination a little thirsty but really enjoyed the eclectic mix of artist both inside and outside. Bought a cute little hair grip from More Brains Vicar which is rockabilly meets horror and I loved the stall. For more check out her etsy shop:

O.H. then had the genius idea of getting a bus from Highgate to Liverpool Street, then jump on another bus to Brixton. Now for those of you who don't know London this is quite a trek (I think it took 1 - 2 hours though it ended up being wierdly timeless....) but the sun was shining and there is nothing better than seeing London from the top deck of a bus when you're in particular hurry. And so our journey begins:

Above the joys of Holloway Road. Below two very different sorts of mannequins spotted on said road:

Gawd bless M&S

Or more S&M further down....

Coming up to old street
Reflections through the city

The Shard at London Bridge, latest addition to skyline

A rare glimpse of O.H. through Borough High Street. He was having a good time, honest!!
Kennington Lane (apologies if it makes you feel queazy, I was playing!
And finally Brixton High Street (though I think the sunshine had disappeared...)

I'd forgotten how much fun my little Nikon point and shot could be and so much lighter than the Canon. I think if I had the Canon I wouldn't have taken so many random pictures that depicted a perfect day! If only Bert had been with us.....

And now to finish the Father's Day card! No rest for the wicked! 

I'm hooked!

OK, OK it's pun city, I apologise, I am my father's daughter! Had a very productive Sunday afternoon and managed not one, not two but five new designs though obviously it's taken me a while to get them up online. The bulk are inspired by Peter Pan (a series of stamps to commemorate the wonderful Great Ormond Street Hospital (James Barrie, Pan author left the bulk of his estate to the hospital). I don't think watching a Pirate's of the Caribbean film last week helped either. Pirates are all en vogue at the moment. Am even going to a Pirates exhibition at the Museum of London with O.H over the summer... but I digress. Here are the rest of  the cards which will go up on Etsy when I have a chance:

It wasn't all pirates and "eye eye captain" though children's literature was definitely the inspiration of  the weekend:

I'm off to an Etsy craft party tomorrow with Twisted Alchemy. Should be interesting and will hopefully meet some interesting people if nothing else! Am taking the camera but not sure if I'll take any photos yet.

Finally had a really nice cyber chat with Rebekah from the following blog:

Have a look at her Etsy shop for amazing prints and cards. Great to meet interesting people on line! I think I'm finally getting the hang of blogging, and I'm really enjoying it! Until next time....