I'm hooked!

OK, OK it's pun city, I apologise, I am my father's daughter! Had a very productive Sunday afternoon and managed not one, not two but five new designs though obviously it's taken me a while to get them up online. The bulk are inspired by Peter Pan (a series of stamps to commemorate the wonderful Great Ormond Street Hospital (James Barrie, Pan author left the bulk of his estate to the hospital). I don't think watching a Pirate's of the Caribbean film last week helped either. Pirates are all en vogue at the moment. Am even going to a Pirates exhibition at the Museum of London with O.H over the summer... but I digress. Here are the rest of  the cards which will go up on Etsy when I have a chance:

It wasn't all pirates and "eye eye captain" though children's literature was definitely the inspiration of  the weekend:

I'm off to an Etsy craft party tomorrow with Twisted Alchemy. Should be interesting and will hopefully meet some interesting people if nothing else! Am taking the camera but not sure if I'll take any photos yet.

Finally had a really nice cyber chat with Rebekah from the following blog:

Have a look at her Etsy shop for amazing prints and cards. Great to meet interesting people on line! I think I'm finally getting the hang of blogging, and I'm really enjoying it! Until next time....

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