Birthday season

First hot off the press news! I've had my first Etsy sale to someone who is not a friend! A lady in Poland bought two cards and made my week! I was so excited! Onwards and upwards!

Anyway late May and early June is birthday season within my set of friends. I know so many Gemini's it's just not funny and so I've been making lots of birthday cards at the moment. Like the idiot I am I've don't take pictures of all of them but here are the latest three I've produced this weekend:

Leela's birthday card

My mum's birthday card. The violet was grown and pressed by my fair hands. Other flowers created using the Big Shot die cutting tool (my hands haven't recovered fully from making Dad's Father's day card last week!). I hope she likes it! I also wrapped her presents in hand stencilled paper which I was quite chuffed with though no image I'm afraid....

Finally Tiff's birthday card and the hair clip bought from the fabulous 'More Brains, Vicar?'

As a result of a joint birthday celebrations for Tiff and Leela I am suffering a little today... I suppose this is what Sundays are for! Next Sunday is O.H.'s granny's 90 something birthday, hopefully won't be suffering as much the following day! 

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