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Hopefully you all know it's Father's Day this Sunday (if not quick, run to Etsy and buy a handmade card!!!). O.H and I were incredibly lucky with the weather for our adventure on Saturday (see Journeys in London) as it was raining cats and dogs on Sunday. So it was a lazy day of not doing much which gave me the perfect opportunity to make Dad's Father's Day card.
Now my dad does really ask for much but I know he appreciates a handmade card so there's an extra pressure to make it good! I've been following Suzy Taylor's blog who is an amazing papercutting artist, and I really like the clever simplicity of StoreyShop on Etsy amoungst others so I'd developed a craving to get the craft knife out and do some paper cutting. I've done it before and love it but must admit that I always end up with a numb fore finger after a while (if you've ever done it you'll know what I mean!) so I don't do it as often as I'd like. But I dug out my trusty copy of 'Paper Cuts' by Taylor Hagerty and adapted a couple of designs by Cynthia Ferguson. Two hours later produced this:

I was really pleased with and I think Dad will be too. Only problem is that it's Mum's birthday in a couple of weeks and I think I may have set myself up for a fall..... Best get that thinking hat on for the next creation!

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