Journeys in London

Yesterday was a day of sunshine and luckily no showers (despite the forecast) so O.H. and I went for one of our walks which ended up being a little adventure! My desired destination was a new craft fair called the Dandy Lion Market at the Boogaloo in Highgate. But first we had to get there from Manor House which involved a shortish (3 mile) walk through Finsbury Park then though a nature reserve which used to be an railway line (which my dad can actually remember when it was running in the early 50s!). I took my small point and click to get the following:

Which way????
 O.H. plowing ahead, he knows there is a pint with his name on at!
Graffiti artists can work here without prosecution

We reached our destination a little thirsty but really enjoyed the eclectic mix of artist both inside and outside. Bought a cute little hair grip from More Brains Vicar which is rockabilly meets horror and I loved the stall. For more check out her etsy shop:

O.H. then had the genius idea of getting a bus from Highgate to Liverpool Street, then jump on another bus to Brixton. Now for those of you who don't know London this is quite a trek (I think it took 1 - 2 hours though it ended up being wierdly timeless....) but the sun was shining and there is nothing better than seeing London from the top deck of a bus when you're in particular hurry. And so our journey begins:

Above the joys of Holloway Road. Below two very different sorts of mannequins spotted on said road:

Gawd bless M&S

Or more S&M further down....

Coming up to old street
Reflections through the city

The Shard at London Bridge, latest addition to skyline

A rare glimpse of O.H. through Borough High Street. He was having a good time, honest!!
Kennington Lane (apologies if it makes you feel queazy, I was playing!
And finally Brixton High Street (though I think the sunshine had disappeared...)

I'd forgotten how much fun my little Nikon point and shot could be and so much lighter than the Canon. I think if I had the Canon I wouldn't have taken so many random pictures that depicted a perfect day! If only Bert had been with us.....

And now to finish the Father's Day card! No rest for the wicked! 

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