Crafty success

Yay! I did my first ever craft fair (well except for the few I did as a teenager selling homemade buttons) and it was a success! The fair in Dulwich has been established for a very long time and many of the makers there are established so I was more than a little nervous.... however once I had my first sale my nerves settled a little and I really enjoyed the day, and made some money!

Along with my cards I also took my jewellery which I've been working on for sometime but hadn't tested it on an audience. I wasn't sure how people would react to it, especially next to my friend Sophie's stand who is a proper jeweller but my sales were 50/50 cards and jewellery so success!

And here is Sophie's work

It was thanks to Sophie for pursuading me that my work was good enough to do the sale and it's certainly helped my confidence! And I hope to do more fairs next year though for now I think I need an early night to recover!