Autumn colours come to Brixton

So the past couple of weeks have been super busy as, big news, OH is moving in. This is fantastic but does mean I've spent the past couple of weeks manically de-cluttering my flat to make room. I snapped the following a couple weeks ago but have only just  got round to posting them!! All taken in my local 'hood Brixton over 2 weekends. Love Autumn colours - they don't stay for long but they warm my soul with their brooding reds and oranges.

Autumn flower colours

The weather in London today is rubbish but I wanted to share with you a few snaps of the garden I took while the sun was shining. And I'm particularly chuffed as all the flowers featured I have grown from seed or tuber in the case of some of the dahlias!  
I've never grown so much colour from scratch before and was rather pleased with the results. Hoping next year to produce more flowers from each plant but for a first attempt not bad in a tiny patch of ground in the middle of Brixton!
But just to show it really is autumn found this beauty hanging off the dahlias. There are always lots of spiders to be found this time of year. Love'em 

Crafty Fox Market in Brixton, October 2015

Crafty Fox returned to my beloved Brixton this week and as always I was there with the camera for Saturday trading. Below  are a few of my favorite pics:

Was great to see Kate Rowland and I actually love the name of the brooch below - it's called The Lynch Pin (it's director David Lynch if you don't recognise him!)

Lucie Allen was on hand running jewellery workshops but was also selling her fabulous wares.
 Fabulously bright colours from Manic Dinosaur
Like a magpie I was drawn to the shiny work of Black Cactus London 

Alfamarama really made me smile
I've loved House of Ismay's work for ages now, one of the first makers on Etsy I began to follow.

The inspirational Sarah from Craftivist Collective  was running free workshops throughout both day

Loved work by Remnant Black wasn't surprised the dead rat pincushion was snapped up.

The lovely Little Nomad London  had some amazing ear cuffs but I failed  to take a decent picture so here are some of her rings instead. 
And as always the Crafty Fox show cases new designers as part of their 'Uncovered' collection. Above is Living Longingly 
I'm always a sucker for anything with a pheasant on it ! Jacqueline Colley

Birds in Hats new calendar in the bag - am looking forward to smiling every month - love Alice's 
So that's it for markets this October. There is another Crafty Fox Market in Peckham next week and then they return to Brixton in December for, dare I mention the 'C' word already, Christmas Fair - there I've said it....