Crafty Fox comes to Brixton part two

And so we come to Sunday, the final Crafty Fox Market  of the month and I was a woman on a mission. Sunday is usually the day I spend with O.H. so I had an hour to power round the market, take snaps, say hi to people and then go off to meet O.H. for a Riot of Colour. It was a tough job but someone has to do it So here are my favourite pics from regulars and new makers. Enjoy!
Stephan, one half of Crafty Fox keeps shoppers happy with some chilled out funky tunes. 
Vel-Ro : belts upcycled from bike tyres 
The camera shy Cecily Vessey shows off one her fabulous oven gloves

I loved these upcycled plant holders by Bella Does Brighton 
Crafty Fox had a new section this year.... some of the makers on Sunday were: 

Phew! What a whole lot a talent. Want to see more photos? Go to the Crafty Fox facebook page for even more photos taken over both weekends. Some are even by me!! 

Crafty Fox comes to down part one

At the start of the month Crafty Fox was in Peckham, this week it was back in it's original hood, Brixton. Happy days indeed as it's only a ten minute walk from home. God I'm getting lazy in my old age. As you are no doubt aware I love the Crafty Fox market and am incredibly lucky to be involved by taking photos. It's such a great opportunity to meet such a diverse range of incredibly talented people. So without further a do here are a few of my favourite pics from the weekend. Enjoy!
Loved this reflections of Blonde Fox Vintage's clothes in the Dogstar's pinball machine. 
The Dogstar. Now apologies as we're now switching to portrait... brace yourself - I still can't get the hang of just taking either portrait or landscape - I love them both!! 
 Love the colourful, miniature world of I am acrylic 
  This was Chloe Owen's little helper. Was lovely to meet Chloe who's book All Sewn Up is inspirational for any budding embroiderer
 Remember I am Acrylic (sure you do, towards the top of the page) well here is Brendan from said stall making a tote bag with Mr Wingate in the workshops area. 
 More workshops! This time lino printing - a blaze of smiles and colour 
Two of my favourite things: DJs and cake (by the Teas Knees). Don't tell O.H. but I had not one but two cakes!! Very naughty but couldn't resist the cinnamon buns as well as the coffee and walnut cake

A riot of colour

O.H. and I went to see the John Deakin exhibition at the Photographers Gallery which was great but heaving! And I couldn't really take photos. But can highly recommend  the exhibition. John Deakin was a photographer in the 60s hanging out in Soho with the likes of Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon. Was a really interesting snap shot of an amazing time. And it's where my mum spent the early part of the 60s as she worked in Leicester Square and I'm told did frequent the odd Jazz club or two from time to time.

After the exhibition we decided to go for a wander with the ultimate aim of getting to Pimlico. I love just wandering the streets of London as it takes you down streets you wouldn't necessarily go down so you see so many unexpected things. Now O.H. doesn't like to stop and look in shop windows and the like so imagine my disappointment whilst walking down Bond Street when I saw a Chihuly exhibition in one of those posh galleries on the other side of the street but had to carry on walking and I was a little bit forlorn as I love Chihuly's work. Never heard of him? He's a crazy (I think Californian) American who makes these incredible, huge installations out of blown glass. Yes that's right blown glass. There is a massive piece of his in  the V&A in the Foyer which I just love. Anyway I'm going off  the point. A little further down Bond Street O.H. decided that we needed to veer off to the right and to go into Berkeley Square which I wasn't expecting but which was a nice surprise as it's a cute, little square. So I came round the corner and my eyes nearly popped out of my head and a huge beaming smile came across my face when I saw this slap bang in the middle of the square:
Oh yes I had died and gone to heaven. A Chihuly installation in Berkeley Square. An amazing glass tree in a riot of colour to bring a smile to even the saddest of faces.....

What do you think? Incredible or what? But that was not the end of the colour.... 
At the end of this some hybrid of bluebells (they may be Spanish bluebells but don't quote me). Oh happy days indeed. But what's that? You saw even more colour? Yes round the back of Victoria we came across a dry cleaners and repairs shops with the most fantastic range of threads in the window... 

Phew! The weather was meant to be grey and gloomy on Sunday but with this riot of colour I went home with a skip in my step ready to face the week. And the good news we even made it to Pimlico tube. What could be better... What did you do this weekend? 

Lazy days of Easter, part two

I was spoilt and had three days of glorious sunshine. Mum and Dad are prolific gardeners so I spent many a happy hour or two taking photos of the flowers and insects all around. Enjoy! 

Now as mentioned in my earlier post we didn't go far but we did pop into local town Ulverston and I couldn't resist taking a few cheeky shots of local boy done good Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.... 
All in all a fabulous break from the craziness of the big smoke. Great to re-charge the batteries and see the family.