Oldham Athletic vs AFC Wimbleon

OH is the football addict in our household, not me, but one of my friend's from Sixth Form was in town with her boys to watch their beloved Oldham Athletic play AFC Wimbledon. We went last year and I really enjoy being in the stands. It's a tiny ground and Oldham fans are always entertaining. OH has to be an honorary Northerner for the day as we're in the Oldham end. The other bonus of the ground is that they don't care if you take your camera. So here are my favourite shots of the day. Oldham are in orange and sadly they didn't win but it was a great afternoon, and it's always good to catch up with my friend for a couple of hours.

Washington DC.

So I started writing this post at the start of May and I know, it's now mid June but May was a particularly rubbish month where my labyrinthitis returned, followed by the death of a close friend so it's taken me a while to get my mojo back. But back to the States, I wanted to share my last post of my trip back in April. Better late than never!

Washington DC was never high on my 'go to' list but work wanted me to go and run a booth at a conference there promoting our Department and who was I to say no! I had a wonderful time in New York but I just didn't feel Washington. It's a huge city but I couldn't find it's soul. Perhaps it wasn't helped by me doing my sight seeing in the evening after work.

Thank goodness it was blossom season when I visited otherwise I think I may have hated it.
The weather while I was there was lovely and warm so I opted to walk down to see the sights. New York had been 2C, Washington was about 25C - the difference was amazing. Luckily I had checked the weather report before I left so I wasn't melting. 
First on the 'to see' list was obviously the White House. If Obama had been in office I may have got excited but Trump is, well, what can I say! 
I was relieved to see some sort of protest in front of the White House. 
This incredible building was the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Many of the Museums in Washington are free but for this one you had to get a  timed ticket in advance which I hadn't realised so I didn't have a chance to look inside. 
Words can't describe this van - all I can say is only in America!
Next up was the National Monument which did look amazing at sunset 
Sorry for the switch to portrait but it was so big I couldn't fit it all in. And I timed it perfectly with the setting sun (pure fluke). 
Annoyingly there was construction work around the base of the Monument so I couldn't really get that close to these incredible flags bellowing in the wind. 
And yes, yet more blossom - it was literally everywhere! 
Now Washington is famous for it's museums, namely the Smithsonian which has 11 different buildings on the Mall alone, plus a zoo and 6 other museums in the Washington area. 
I felt that I had to visit at least one museum but as mentioned earlier I was working while I was in town which meant I was stuck in a conference centre 10am - 5pm. But as luck would have it the Air and Space Museum stayed open late on a Friday night so I headed down once I had downed tools for the day. 
This is one of Amelia Earheart planes 
Now in my head I kept thinking I was going to see something similar to Night At the Museum 2, but in reality it was the equivalent of the Imperial War Museum. I had hoped to see the  Space Shuttle but this is sadly housed at the other Air and Space Museum outside of Washington - ah well you can't win them all! 
So on my way back from the Air and Space Museum I took a quick snap of the Capitol Building. I must say that I was a bit disappointed by the Mall. I hadn't realised that the whole thing was surrounded by traffic that was often gridlocked. 
On my last evening in town I walked down to the Lincoln Memorial, walking past George Washington on the way. 
And here is Abrahm Lincoln in all his glory. He was absolutely massive and what you can't see are the hoards of people who all seemed to have the same idea as me. I had thought it would be fairly quiet as it was gone six pm by the time I got there but I was sadly wrong. 

The parting image was a nice reflection of National Monument. Sadly there was a small scale concert given by high school kids just behind me which was tedious to say the least. It seemed to be my cue to catch a cab and go home. Taxi!!! 

So there we have it, America was fun, especially as work paid for my travel and accommodation while I was in Washington but by the end of the week I was ready to go home. The good news is work want me to go again so next year I'm off to New Mexico! Hurrah! 

Blossom in Washington

My main reason for the trip to the States was to attend a conference in Washington DC for wrok. It was pure chance that I was there during the blossom season. Washington is famous for it's blossom and there was even a Blossom Parade while I was in town (but I was stuck in a conference hall so missed it). So I thought I should start with some of my favourite pictures of the blossom which does also include a lot of magnificent magnolia trees. That counts as blossom right? Also I should add that all photos were taking in early evening as I only had the opportunity to take snaps after work. Thankfully the weather and light was kind. Here as just some of the sights I saw.