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We've been experiencing a bit of an Indian Summer in mid September which was perfectly timed for a day trip to Hastings to see some friends who were having a long weekend there. I'd never been before and was blown away by the colours which were helped by the bright blues skies and crisp September light. As soon as I got off the train I headed to the beach to be confronted by this amazing view  I wandered along the sea front to find these smoke house which I've seen in the background in episodes of Foyles War While I was waiting to meet my friends I heard the dulcet tones of Morris Dancing, I crossed over the road to find several bands of Morris Men taking in turns to dance in the street. Never did find out if there was any reason for this display but it always makes my heart sing. And as I was on my own I could enjoy the sight without anyone moaning!  When I met up with my friends we went and sat to watch the light dancing on the waves while the gentle

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