It's a Bugs Life

I've been sick with a horrible virus since the end of September and have only just started to feel human. One thing I really missed was going out to check on the garden and also the little nursery of bugs which appeared in mid September on my calendula (marigolds). At first were a lot just on one plant but it now seems that they have spread across the whole garden and there are several age groups now keeping each other company. I had to google what they were and it turns out they are the nymphs of green shield bug. I'm really enjoying watching their development as they grow into full grown bugs.

Views from the garden

The garden is in full bloom at the moment. I have a small garden which I've filled to the brim with dahlias and cosmos amoungst other things. I'm really pleased they are all doing as I pinched them out when I first planted them which has meant the plants have become so much bushier than last year. Dahlias are fast becoming my new obsession as they are so varied. and I'm hoping they will continue to flower until late in the year.

A trip to Bexhill on Sea

Last weekend the weather was spectacular so OH and I decided to go out for a day out. Having looked at the map we decided to go to Bexhill on Sea to see the famous De La Ware Pavillion. I must admit the journey was longer than anticipated so we didn't stay long but here are some of the pics I managed to snap before heading back home.

Suffolk coast: Dunwich, Sutton Hoo and Adnams Brewery Tour

On our way back from Southwold we made a detour to Dunwich, the site of a large medieval town which is sadly no more as it fell into the sea. For some reason we both felt underwhelmed. 

 This is the last grave from the church yard which disappeared into the sea in the early 20th century. 
 Followed by a few snap shots of the remains of a huge friary. 

 The next day the weather was wet to say the least but we had had the forsight to plan indoor activities to avoid the rain best we could do. First up was Sutton Hoo, site of one of the largest archaeological discoveries of the last century. While the exhibition was interesting I'd forgotten that all the real finds are in the British Museum and there were disappointingly very few replicas at Sutton Hoo. 
 Luckily there was a small break in the weather so we went for a wander around the mounds in the drizzle. I was suprised how many of the mounds haven't been excavated given what they did find but I can only assume that they've been surveyed. 
 Our last stop for the day was the Adnams Brewery tour back in Southwold. 
 This was OH's suggestion as he is the beer drinker, not me. 

 Having said that it was interesting and I really liked Nicky who gave the tour. 
 Most of the brewing was done for the day
 But we did see some fiesty yeast which wasn't behaving that day. Apartly this is the calm version, earlier it was bubbling out all over the steps we had just walked up. Even in the calm version you could see it bubbling, heaving and dropping out over the sides. 
 The brewery has been there in some form or another for centuries and although they are a small outfit they send their beer all over the world as well as suppling chains including Wetherspoons and also Marks and Spencers. I was also impressed that they were 100% waste free and sustainable. The owner is also a farmer and produces all of the rye used to make the  beer. 
The highlight of the tour is meant to be the beer tasting at the end. I did try a few, and one was ok but I'm afraid it didn't convert me to being a beer drinker. I did enjoy the art work though!!