Little Bird Workshop by Abigail Brown

 Last year's resolution was to learn more skills and I loved attending various workshops. I've been an admirer of Abigail Brown's work for several years having seen it at Craft Central several years ago, and have always wondered how they were made. 
 So when I spotted that she was running a workshop I jumped at the chance to take part. 

 Abigail had brought some stunning examples of her work but above is what we mere beginners were aiming at. 
And here are the beginnings of my creation. I must admit I didn't realise how much stuffing you can stuff into one bird! It took everyone over an hour to stuff their birds! 

 It was a small group of like minded ladies. 
 My photo buddy had joined me in the workshop and was working on a realistic bird and made this fantastic goldfish. 

This was run up by Abigail during the workshop
And this is the group of finished birds by myself and the rest of the group. 
Given everyone started with the same size body it was fascinating to see how diverse they were. 
And which was mine I hear you cry? This little green number in the foreground. I must admit I was very pleased with the results and have already started on version number two. 

Marie Curie Garden of Light at St Paul's

I'd had a busy week last week and to be honest all I wanted to do was collapse in a heap on Saturday afternoon but OH suggested going over to St Paul's to see the Marie Cure installation called 'Garden of Light'. Who am I to say no!
 I'd suggested walking down the river bank and crossing over the river via the Millennium Bridge which comes out next to St Paul's but we decided that it would be too busy with tourists. Instead we took a route which included walking past the strange shape of the Walkie Talkie building which shadows everything. Of course it started to rain as soon as we got off the bus which wasn't a great sign. 
 But within five minutes the rain passed and the sun came out giving the most amazing light 
 And the most perfect rainbow though sadly my pictures are a bit lack lustre..... 

 Here is my favourite view of St Paul's which is round the back near Paternoster Square. 
Which is also where the installation was. It's includes of over 2,100 daffodils representing every Marie Curie nurse in the country. 

 It's a great idea, but I must admit I was a little underwhelmed by the installation. Unfairly we compared it to the Poppy installation in the Tower back in 2014. 
 We decided to wait a while to see if it looked better light up at night so crossed over the road to the new shopping centre which has brilliant views across to St Paul's on the top floor. 
 And we were in luck as there was an incredible sunset. 

 And so back the daffodils. I'm afraid that the light hadn't improved it much but we did enjoy our adventure with the changing light. And of course we donated which is the real point of the installation, to raise money for such a fantastic cause. 

Brixton Orchard

If you are a regular reader you will know that I live and love Brixton but recently there has been significantly damaged by gentrification. There are so many new buildings going up and frankly it's depressing. Earlier this week I walked past a green space close to where I live and was dismayed to see that the plot was covered in trenches which looked as if they were being prepared for yet more building work. So imagine my delight when I walked past this morning to see that rather than building people were planting. The area is to become an orchard with 35 fruit trees and a green oasis.

The community led project, building over what was a nucular bunker building in the 50s, has been funded by Brixton Bid and is supported by Urban Growth and the Open Orchard project.  As well as the trees hundreds of plants, seeds and bulbs have been planted.

Here is what I saw this morning and look forward to the area flourishing as time goes by:

Magic Lantern Festival at Chiswick House

So this weekend OH and I ventured over to Chiswick House with his sister to see the Magic Lantern Festival. I must admit I was in two minds about the event as it didn't have the same allure as Christmas at Kew but we thought we'd give it a try and some of the pieces were really good. Anyway here are the pictures I took to give you a flavour....