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Hever Castle in spring sunshine

The weather in the UK was barmy last week with a mini heatwave making it feel more like May than February. The forecast for the weekend was spectacular so OH and I decided to go on a road trip. I suggested Hever Castle which I have visited before but a long time ago.
The castle was the home of Anne Boleyn and where she was courted by Henry VIII. As you can see the weather was stunning 
As well as the spectacular castle there was a large ornate garden which must look stunning in the summer. 
We also had a wander around inside the castle which had been restored by the Astor family in the 20th Century. I must admit that the inside didn't really wow me. 
One of the reasons I suggested Hever was that there was a large ground which we could wander around. Despite the glorious weather and full car park it didn't feel at all crowded. 
We headed off to this stunning wooded area to wander through the snow drops. 

There were signs of spring everywhere but below this tree was still sheddi…

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