Spring Colour in London

I used to love winter, long cosy winter nights snuggling under a blanket on the sofa keeping warm and toastie in defiance of the elements and dark. Oh how things to change, now with age I yearn for the sun. I hate long winter nights and really beginning to struggle by the end of January waiting for longer day light hours to return. Mid February and the days start to get longer and the first signs of spring start to show through. Here are a few pictures I've taken this week near where I work (Tavistock Square) which I hope will help lift the soul. Roll on March and April which always produces amazing blossom. I love that I can track the seasons even living in Central London by looking around me.

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Crafty Update: Granny Square Blanket and handmade cards

I've been making things for years. When I say years I mean at least 30 if not more. Ten years ago I was seen as a bit of an oddity amongst my friends due to my crafty tendencies. Now I'm middle age, handmade is in and I'm no longer embarrassed to give my friends a handmade present. My friend Cat has been hinting for what seems like ever that she would like a blanket. And who was I to say no! I'd amassed a stock pile of odd balls of wool and a patchwork of crochet squares was called for. Christmas was the ideal time of year to start this project so I snuggled down with O.H., Breaking Bad and started to crochet. I love the gentle rhythm of the crochet hook, it's really therapeutic (though I have to be careful not to get RSI). Two months later here is the final result:

I was quite pleased with the results. What do you think? 
Though I should add it was a nightmare to photograph....
In other news it was also my brother in law's birthday this month, here is his card. 
And another for a friend at work  
There's nothing more satisfying than finishing a big project but don't worry, there is more creativity in the pipeline... 

The Grimaldi Service 2015

I always find January a struggle. Post Christmas it's dark and miserable with little sunshine to keep the blues away, however the first Sunday in February is a highlight in my calendar as it's the Grimaldi Service. If you are a regular reader you may be aware that I went last year , oh and actually the year before that too. You could say I'm now a regular and found myself recognising familiar faces. However I must admit that I've never actually stayed for the services. But here is what I saw as everyone went in:

What do you  think? Love clowns and love this day. O.H. thinks I'm weird having gone so many times but it's a little bit of happiness at the start of the light returning after winter - what's not to love!