Crafty Update

Time seems to be escaping me at the moment. Where on earth does time go? You think you have loads of it and all of sudden it slips through your fingers like sand. Anyway you may have noticed that my posts of late appear to have been all about photographs and things I've been doing out and about. But that, dear reader, doesn't mean that I have stopped crafting when I'm in doors. Far from it. I've just been forgetting to blog about what I've been doing. So I'll start with my most recent....
 So it was OH's nephew's birthday the other week and he casually made a request a couple of days beforehand for a handcut, original design card. Not sweat I say - blimey! Anyway I came up with this which I was chuffed with. 
 Next up is a card I made for my friend David's birthday (I know a lot of birthdays around 5th November) 
And a card for my friend Don's birthday. I'd completely forgotten she had a hedgehog in her garden. I've done  this design from Paper Panda before but really enjoy cutting it. If you like paper cutting they have some great designs for sale. They can be a bit cutsie but great for birthday cards! 

I have of course been making piles and piles of Christmas cards but don't think I can show you them until after Christmas in case you are one of  the luck recipients of a Christmas card from me!! 
I've also been experimenting with some embroidered pendants. I started with french knots. 
Lots and lots of french knots. 
In a variety of colours
And shades
And then I started to branch out into long stitch. I will hopefully get my act together and put some up in my etsy shop.

So that's a quick update of some of the things I've been creating. More to follow soon.

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