Unexpected treats in the Lake District

Recently I went to visit the folks back home in good old Cumbria and Mum suggested we went to the Zoo. Yes reader you read that correct, zoo. The South Lakes Safari Zoo has been open for at least 18 years (my niece was a regular visitor when she was a toddler and she is now 18) but I've never actually been. I'm ashamed to say that I thought it might be a little lame but how wrong I was! It was incredible. We turned up on a crisp autumn morning to hear an amazing cacophony  of gibbons calling. The noise was incredible and made even more exotic as we were in the wrong part of the park to actually see them! So we wandered about getting up close and personal with a huge array of animals. Here is what we saw though apologies in advance that I don't know the names of them all....
Cranes and flamingos - such a great combination but they were keeping warm indoors. 

 Feeding time in the giraffe house was a high light. I have never seen so many giraffes before, at least 9 - you're pushed to see more than 3 at London Zoo
Looking up at one of the giraffes
This was the newest addition
 And Lemurs are a personal favourite. Here they are sun bathing out in the open - you had to make you way past them on foot. Talk about up close and personal. 
 Though all I could think was the song from Madagascar 'I like to move it move it'..... 
All wasn't calm and lovely however as these pheasants were clearly being territorial with each other. 
This, believe it or not, is a baby.... A baby what I have no idea but bless, it looked so old!! 
Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys - just loved them!

This monkey was making such an incredible noise. Mum and I thought at first it must be the lion, but no, it was this guy. Very odd. 
When I was little we used to see parrots flying about loose near Dalton, this was years before the zoo opened however parrots still fly out and about. 
But you could also get up close and personal to some macaws in one of the averies. Just look at the detail on the feathers
 And he was happy for a close up as well.   
This cockatoo also followed me around the whole Avery 
Finally this little fella also seemed to want to pose for his picture. No idea what sort of bird it is but it was certainly very cute. 

So there we have it. A very special place in the South Lakes. Can highly recommend for everyone of all age if you are up in the Lakes 

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