Surprise walk in the East End

This weekend I was super excited as a new exhibition called 'Clangers, Bagpuss & Co' had opened at the V&A Museum of Childhood over in Bethnal Green. Except when we arrived we realised that we were actually a week early! Doh! Our plans for the day were scuppered and we had to think on our feet. OH suggested walking along the canal which was close by and I requested that we pop over to Broadway Market which was on the way. Here is what we saw:
Yes sorry this is a reflections warning..... what can I say - I just can't get enough of them!
A lot of the graffitti along the canal was just tagging and so very disappointing but I loved this
For a split second I thought this was real but then realised that actually it was just a model...

This is a reflection, not looking up to the sky.
A random still life on board one of the many, many canal boats lining the route.

A boat that had seen better days....
I got a bit carried away with the reflections of this gas container.... If you pop over to my instagram account you can also see a short video of the reflection.

I could have spent hours photographing this but OH wanted to press on

A quick shot of the lovely but crowded Broadway Market.
And finally some more reflections, this time around the City area as we waited for a bus home

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