Tracing the Tyburn

Firstly apologies, it has been over since a month since I last wrote. Life has suddenly become hectic. Not only is work incredibly busy but I've got my first craft fair in December and so have been manically trying to make cards so I have enough stock. Trust me it's a lot of Christmas cards! In addition I need to make a further 100 cards for my own use! It's  a good job I like making them!

Anyway in all this rush I've only just uploaded these photos I took while O.H. and I were on a walk following the hidden river of the Tyburn (yes as in the famous execution sites near Marble Arch). The walk meanders up from Vauxhall, over Oxford Street and ends up in Paddington. It was a glorious Sunday and although it was an interesting walk it was mainly items in windows on walls that captured my imagination.

I couldn't resist this image which was in a little alley type street round the back of Victoria Station. Just love the fact that it's above a window!

Mmm cake... I currently have a strange fixation with cup cakes. I always like the idea of eating them but they're never as nice as they look. As it is I can never eat these when O.H. (aka the food police) is around so I make do with the photos

Ah the good old English trait of changing letters on a notice. There's no barking in a wonderful mews round the back of Berkley Square

I'm becoming obsessed with graffiti and street art. I know this is now Banksy but it made me smile!

Finally the following photos were taken in the window of a modelling shop. Luckily it was on a Sunday so the shop was closed. It was one of the best and weirdest shop windows I've seen for ages:

Yep traditional toy soldiers is what you'd expect......

But famous Nazis? Obviously people buy them but why?
But then it got weirder. Strictly come dancing
Followed by topless burlesque dancers? Weird

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