Lambeth Palace

Now I've lived in London since I was 18. I'm now, well lets just say past 40 and I never realised you could actually visit Lambeth Palace, the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Apparently you can visit during the day but my very good friend and neighbour Sue told me about a rare Open Evening they were holding as part of the NGS (National Garden Scheme). I'd been to another NGS event earlier this month so could pass up this opportunity.
 I've gone past in the bus and marvelled at the size of the garden. But to reach the garden you have to walk past this impressive frontage!
And then you walk through various 'rooms' which vary from fairly formal...
To fairly vast. Would you believe this is in central London opposite the Houses of Parliament?

These roses were incredible. It looked like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, I wouldn't have been surprised to see a pack of cards painted them red!
Throughout the garden there were loads of helpful tour guides. One wonderful woman pointed out this flower which from a tree tulip - yes this amazing flower was on a tree!
It was a picture perfect evening to enjoy such a glorious garden
Swinging on a tree....
Oh and there were loads of beehives. You could even buy honey produced by the bees who have  the same bee keeper as the Queen (well of course they do...)
I loved the cobweb within this thistle
There was also a small mound featuring a rotunda and there was also a tree planted by Mary I. That was circa 1550!!!

The size of this sage was enormous - the leaves were almost as big as my hand!
Sadly I couldn't get a photo demonstrating the various periods of the building, the oldest of part of the building dates back to circa 12th Century and it is one of the oldest continuously cultivated gardens in the UK.
Finally a quick selfie with me (with the big hair) and my friend Sue. If you are in London I would urge you to visit Lambeth Palace. Definitely a hidden gem and next to the equally wonderful Garden Museum.

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