Trooping the Colour 2015

There is nothing I love more than a bit of pagentry. OH hates anything to do with royalty butt me, I love the pomp and ceremony. This weekend saw Trooping the Colour which marks the Queen's official birthday (her actual birthday is April but it was felt that the potential for rain was much higher in April so official celebrations are held in June).

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may recall I was lucky enough to visit the then Band of Blues and Royals in their barracks both in the London and Windsor back in 2012. I think they have now been merged to become the Band of the Household Cavalry. Anyway they always play a key part in Trooping the Colour and I know that they pass  through Hyde Park Corner before going to Canada Gate outside Buckingham Palace. So I got up early and waited in anticipation for the noise of hundreds of horses coming down the street. Here are my highlights:

The Blues and Royals are in the gold. What is amazing is that they can play and ride at the same time! They use their thighs to control the horses when they are playing. Mind blowing!

Those in red are the Household Cavalry. My favourite fact I discovered when I went to the Barracks is that their boots are put on once they're on the horses to avoid scuffing!

The Blues and Royals always have grey horses at the back.

There was a positive stamped of people following this impressive column of horses. They always bring a buzz of excitement in the air. 
And finally here they are coming up to Buckingham Palace. The Blues and Royals then go and wait by Canada Gate to escort the Queen up the Mall.
Now the crowds this year for Trooping the Colour were pretty big. I'm not great in crowds and I had a long day ahead of me and as I've seen the parade before I opted to cut my losses and head off up towards Green Park. You can also check out my pictures from 2012 and 2013 Trooping the Colour.

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