A quick trip to the Country: Knockholt's Horticultural Show

Last weekend I went to visit family friends who live in Knockholt, a wonderful village just outside Orpington, Kent which is about 30 mins from Brixton on the train. Very handy! I've been visiting since I was a child so it's always very familiar, a bit like going home. Anyway I went along to the Horticultural Show which many family members had entered exhibits and it was a great few hours in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle. Here are a few images of what I saw including prize veg, flowers and flower arrangements. There was even a photography section but I wasn't able to get any photos. Anyway enjoy:

Yep there is a reason why Kent is called the Garden of England! Simply wonderful and I forgot to mention that I couldn't covey the smell. Divine is the word to sum it up, especially by the roses and sweet peas! And such a great community event. Now if only I could grow flowers in time....

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