Arlington Square: National Garden Scheme (NGS)

Watching Gardener's World last week they mentioned the National Garden Scheme  was holding an open weekend which meant you could have a look at people's gardens (who were participating in the scheme). I checked the website and found that there were several gardens in and around Arlington Square in North London taking part. So I persuaded OH to come along and have a nosy around the small but amazing gardens up in Islington (and drool at the equally nice houses!). Each garden was jam packed with inspiration and personality (as well as people!).

I must admit that I fell in love with the candy stripped hybrid rose - I foolishly didn't ask for the name but I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful rose. Reminded me of the roses in Alice in Wonderland being painted red.

This garden stood out as it was so minimalist compared to the overflowing abundance of it's neighbours but still worked.

Arlington Square itself was also buzzing with people and flowers
This final garden has also been featured in a gardening magazine and this was our favourite. Even though it was relatively small there were three different zones to the garden, and presumably three different places to sit in the sun.

There was also a lot of carefully placed art work
I always feel a little odd going into someone's house during 'Open House' events but this was great. There is a real sense of community similar to that where I live in my beloved Brixton and everyone was so welcoming. The gardens were small but we are in central London after all but it was a great experience to get other people's take on gardening. I would highly recommend the scheme and I'll hopefully see some more gardens next time...

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