A short walk down Regents Canal

Last week, after we visited Arlington Square , we opted to take a short walk down the canal to Angel. I don't know what it is about canals but I love them and this is the second in a month we were on the canal though last time we were doing the   end of this canal at Paddington. The section we walked was from Union Wharf up to Angel, not to far but the sky was blue and the reflections were enchanting.

 Of course there was graffiti and of course I had to photograph it. Sadly the Banksy which was once there is sadly no more such is the downside to urban art.

I spotted a small wildflower meadow along the tow path
There is regeneration everywhere along the canal. Jury is still out for me as to whether this is good or bad. At least it means more people are using and enjoying the waterway but it can sometimes feel sterile and lacking in character.

So this is the book barge - different to say the least!

And here the canal goes into a tunnel which is about 1/4 mile long  anyway you can't walk alongside the canal until you get towards Kings Cross. Once you're past Kings Cross it goes through Camden and through London Zoo which I always find super cool. But that is for another day, OH and I jumped on the tube at Angel but now before I enjoyed this final stunning reflection.

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