World Archaeology Festival 2015

My day job sadly isn't craft related, I work at UCL in the Archaeology Department as an administrator but I do get to use my creative side by taking photos of events for them. Last week we held our annual Archaeology Festival where members of the public can have a go at a wide range of experimental archaeology activities. Just to warn you there is a deer carcass a little further down so if you're squeamish don't scroll down! 
First up the ever popular flint napping
The conservation student's table outside was packed all day
 As was making a roman oil lamp from clay
Here are the final products
Crowds gathered to watch Dr Matt Pope demonstrate butchery neolithic style using stone tools to butcher a recently culled deer.
Now I'm fairly squeamish but I was mesmerised the first time I saw this.
There is no blood and the carcass itself once skinned was a piece of beauty. Oh and the skin was given over to someone else who started the tanning process.
Prof Marcos Martinon Torres wowed the crowds turning coins gold
If only I'd paid more attention as to how he did it I could be rich!!
Cave painted brought out the creative side of many 
Possibly my favourite activity to photograph was making fire medieval style. I love this picture
Here is Lambeth Scot Group (yes Brixton follows me everywhere!! I had no idea they were going) showing us how to make a really impressive flame.
It wasn't just outside there were plenty of activities inside
A wide range of demonstrations as well as hands on activities up in the conservation lab, I've never seen it so busy!
And finally bread making Egyptian style. All in all it was a great afternoon and the busiest we've had to date. If you're interested there are also posts from 2014, 2013 and 2012.

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