Poppies and Peonies in Brockwell Park

Summer is here and for once so is the sun shine. I had a busy weekend ahead of me (more posts to follow) and part of the plan was to walk through the park to pick up the Thames Link at Herne Hill. And the park was looking picture perfect in full bloom.

As you can see the sky was blue making the reflections in the duck pond vibrant

I stopped off at possibly one of my favourite places in Brixton, the walled garden in Brockwell Park which was a riot of colour. Was a great opportunity to take a few portraits.... of the flowers of course!
Oriental Poppy
Geraniums are quickly becoming my favourite flower
Peony - Sarah Bernhardt - it's loud, it's pink and it's frilly - what's not to love!
A Salvia complete with bumble bee!

Above and below more peonies

Poppies were in full bloom. It was quite a windy day which made them dance in the wind

The walled garden is such a great place to sit and contemplate.

More geraniums above and I'm afraid I have no idea what the name of the one below is - any ideas anyone?

More poppies of varying kinds.

Sorry for the flower overload but the colours this time of year are just stunning! And I fear it was a flower packed weekend so more to follow you lucky things!....

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