A stitch in time

So if you have read the previous two posts you can see I took a walk through the park. Normally I just go for a wander but this time I went with the intention of jumping on the Thames link to the British Library. Why go to somewhere which is only five minutes from where you work on a Saturday Martha I hear you cry! Why to see the fabulous Floss and Mischief who was exhibiting at a great event called a Stitch in Time which was a unique day celebrating all things to do with needlework. Why at the British Library? Well there is an extraordinary piece of work on display by Cornelia Parker which is the entire Wikipedia article on Magna Carta embroidered. It's the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta and there is also a major exhibition at the British Library dedicated to the historic document.
I'm afraid my photos of the work don't do it justice. Very difficult to photograph but this gives you an idea of the size of it (13 metres in total)
With a couple of detail shots, just look at how neat the text it
The workmanship was incredible and the bulk of the text was stitched by prisoners under the supervision of the Fine Cell Work, Fine cell work is a social enterprises which trains prisoners in creative needlework to foster hope, discipline and self esteem.
The piece was divided into 87 sections and stitched by over 200 people. Just look at the gold work on this crown.
As I said before my photos just don't do this incredible work justice but hopefully you get the idea of the incredible attention to details.
The event was held in the foyer area of the library next to the Magna Carta (An Embroidery) and featured free workshops
This work is by Karen Nicol 
Above and below was breathtaking work by Jacky Puzey 

And not forgetting Crafty Fox regular Floss and Mischief, the incentive for my visit - it's always a pleasure to see her

One of the free workshops was contributing to the world's longest embroidery.
And finally Hannah Bass was next to Floss and Mischief, another Crafty Fox regular.

Here is Hannah in action. All in all a lovely event and great to see new work as well as familiar faces

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