Well I never knew you could do that

Apologies for  the delay in posting this, I'm not sure where time is flying at the moment but flying it is! Anyway on Sunday it was so muggy in London that it felt like walking through treacle. OH and I had planned a short excursion into town though before we knew it the heavens open and this happened:
Yes this is two wood pigeons having a bath in our car park - yes it rained that hard there were pools on the tarmac. But as soon as it started it ended so we jumped on a bus to Westminster

And we had a little wander up through St James Park (though we had to negotiate all the barriers that were still up following the Olympics - Horseguards Parades was the venue for the volley beach balls which the fabulous Band of Blues and Royals played at. I think they were quite chuffed to be involved.....Can't think why.

Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine both in St James.
But apart from a lovely walk in the park our final destination was this, Wellington Arch. I've only just recently discovered that you could actually go into and go to the top of it. Who knew! Certainly nobody I've told in London so far did. It's run by English Heritage and it's great!

There is a light and airy bookshop on the ground floor with an amazing range of books. Real books on London, not just Tourist tat which you normally find.

Then for four pounds you can take the lift (yes people you heard me a lift! How civilised!!!) up to the third floor to see an exhibition about.....
Blackpool! Bizarre but interesting. Can only assume it's to get the tourists interested in going up North. But then you went out onto a little balcony to come face to face with this:

Talk about crazy horses. They were practically on top of you!
Kicking and screaming!
The view wasn't amazing but interesting
But great close ups - everyone looked like ants from up above
It was a wonderful experience. The last time I walked through Wellington Arch I was running after the Band of Blues and Royals on their way to Trooping the Colour. I've lived in London for longer than I've lived in Cumbria and I love the fact that I still find things that I didn't realise were there even though I've walked past them millions of times. Can highly recommend it for an unusual day out.  

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