Walking to Dulwich

So I've had a few days off work which was very nice but what to do. Wednesday evening I didn't have a clue so checked out Time Out and hurrah, not one but two things to see over in Dulwich.
I'm trying to be healthy at the moment and dare I say it trying to loose weight so I was up bright and early and enjoyed an early morning stroll through a gloriously sunny Brockwell Park over to Herne Hill.  

 I was then walking through residential streets over to the Dulwich Picture Gallery and stumbled across the entrance to the Herne Hill Velodrome - made more famous by the inspiring Bradley Wiggins. Now I'm not one for sport but OH has really got me into the Tour de France for the past three years and love both Bradley and the wonderful Mark Cavendish so it was great to see where it all started for one of them. .
 The same street had these amazing Holly Hocks (I think though let me know if I'm wrong). I love walking through streets that have well maintained gardens. Just lovely especially in late August. I then  got a phone call from my very clever niece who had managed to get mainly A's in her GCSEs - was so proud!!!
Anyway I digress this is what I'd come over to see. Life size sculptures by Philip Haas based on the series of paintings called the Four Seasons by Guiseppe Arcimboldo. Above is Spring
 This is Summer
Summer and Winter side by side. Winter reminded me of a character from Terrahawks - if you're of a certain age you might know what means...
And here is a view of all four. As they're in the grounds they are also free and I can't recommend them enough. They really made me smile and the blue skies certainly helped.
But I had to carry on as Dulwich Picture Gallery was only part of my plans so I headed out across Dulwich Park which I've never been to. Stopped to have lunch and had a great view of Crystal Palace. 
And wandered round the lake hoping to see some ducks. They were there of course but nothing that inspired but stumbled across three pigeons on a bridge that just seemed to be posing for me! I couldn't resist.... Anyway you'll have to read my next entry  to see where I ended up. It's somewhere I can't urge you enough to go and visit if you're in London.

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