Potfest (no not that type.... ceramics!)

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend so I went up to help them celebrate such a great achievement - fancy sharing their great day with their youngest, not so little girl (don't worry my sister, brother in law and niece came over for dinner the following day)! Anyway on the actual day we went up to Hutton in the Forest, North Cumbria, to the annual PotFest. Mum and Dad go annually and although I've been to a similar event at Hatfield House I've never visited this one. And it was amazing! Had a fantastic day.....

Luckily everything was under canvas though I was very lucky with the weather and it only rained once while we were there so picnic in the car!!
There was live music by these guys - great Jazz whilst you wandered through the tents
There was a competition as well which had a Public Vote. I loved this piece by Mark Smith which was the Owl and the Pussycat. I ended up buying a piece of Mark's (yet to be photographed)....

I loved this group of birds in a suitcase (though I'm ashamed to say I forgot to take note of the maker).

I loved Annie Peaker's work and did end up buying a small piece similar to this. And it was great to see Rafe, the inspiration as well!

She did these great birds as well as part of the competition

Foxes are a great love in our family and I love these 2. Above is work by Simon Griffiths from whom I bought a small piece (though someone was buying a large Hare from him for £750 so my £25 sale seemed very small - still was easy to get home mind!)
Below both the fox and gorilla are by Nicola Theakston

I loved this Minator close up and shoal of fish though again shamefully I omitted to take note of the artists - comment on the post if you know the work - to the maker's apologies!

And finally this sheep was great. There were several in a field with a sheep dog. When we walked back a few hours later one had been sold and was ready to ship! Looks as if it was in the hair dressers!
So glad that I was able to attend this great show and spend the day with my wonderful parents. Not sure my bank balance was happy but it was great to see that the World of Ceramics is still thriving. If you can visit either this one next year, or the one in Hatfield I can't recommend it enough!

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