Oysters and Brainwashing

Well it's been a weekend of sunshine and contrasts. It's OH's birthday on Monday and so we went to Whitstable with his sister and brother in law for a wander and early dinner.

Now I've only been to Whitstable once before (one more than everyone else in the group) which was few years ago and I wasn't feeling great. Turned out I had swine flu and felt even worse the following day so was great to see it in full health and sunshine!

We had a mini picnic on the beach watch everyone else catching a few rays
Whitstable is famous for Oysters which are heavily protected
These are shells to be recycled and even these you couldn't touch
And of course there are the obligatory seaside beach huts. They look welcoming but I'm not sure I would want to sit while everyone and their dog walked past quite so close as they were right next to the path.
After a gorgeous meal at Zizzi's we went for a quick stroll down by the beach to watch the sunset before rushing back to the station and luckily catching our train back to the big smoke.

Now I thought that this was the excitement for the weekend but no, on Sunday OH announced he wanted to go out and have another meal. So we went up into town to catch the Mr Brainwash exhibition before getting dinner.
If you haven't seen the most fantastic 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' which started out as a film about Banksy but ended up being the creation of Mr Brainwash then you must. It's a brilliant film.
Now I was sceptical at first and wasn't sure if I'd like it but how could you not smile at this, one of the first exhibits you come across.
And it was pop art overload
There was this great image of Billy Holiday using recycled records.
And lots of horses splattered with paint
If you didn't know Mr Brainwash did the album cover of one of Madonna's greatest hits - Celebration. Lots of Warhol influence throughout the exhibition
And even outside was covered in artwork which is great to see - such interaction with people just walking past
With her Royal Highness looking down over proceedings.
And across from the venue a Banky's homage. I must say though that this little alcove stunk to high heaven, lets just say I think during day it's an art venue, at night it's a loo.....

So there we have Mr Brainwash in a nutshell. None of it is that original but it did make me smile, it was free and it was great to see such a great use of the space, even if it's just for a month. When OH and I stepped out into the sunshine I felt like I was in LA for a second. Great to see art in such an unusual venue and a great end to a great weekend. I wonder what next week has in store.....

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