Changing of the Guards though not at Buckingham Palace this time....

Now if you're a regular to this post you will remember that I have met up with the Blues and Royals on a few occasions now (see A Unique Opportunity and Trooping the Colour) and they've provided me with unique photo opportunities.

To make the Bank Holiday Weekend stretch a little longer I took Thursday and Friday off and on a whim decided to see if the guys were doing any ceremonial duties on either day. I was in luck, Martin tweeted back to say that they were doing Changing of the Guard in Windsor and that they could get me into the Castle.

Now I remember going to Windsor when I was about seven but don't remember much about it. I went about 12 years ago when I was taking my niece, who was then four, to Legoland which meant going through Windsor but not actually seeing it so I was looking forward to seeing Windsor in all it's glory.

Martin had told me to meet him at  the gate of the barracks so I dutifully turned up to discover that I was to be escorted into the Castle with the wonderful Greg along with many of the partners of the band and their children with an amazing view:

This is the band arriving with the crowds in the background
As you can see the crowd is big!
And this was my view - not a crowd in sight! Amazing
As always the band looked and sounded amazing. Even did a great arrangement of 'It's Not Unusal' by Tom Jones - how could that not make you smile!
And here is the actual changing of the guard. I've been to Buckingham Palace but due to the huge crowds of tourists have never actually stayed for the full ceremony (as you can never even get close) but here I had the best view ever!

In return for getting me such great access the band asked if I could take a photo of them leaving the castle. They had to get special permission from the Police to allow me to stand in the road and even then I had to kneel so as not to obstruct the views of the tourists who had been waiting patiently on the pavement for a long time.

I hope I did them proud though....
I need to mention this policeman who looked after me from barracks to castle and even lent me his pen at one point.
And finally here they are taking the guard back  to the Barracks.
Again the band gave me another opportunity and was well worth the journey. Special thanks to Martin, Greg, Fraser and the nameless policeman for looking after me! If you ever get the chance do check the band out. They look and sound amazing and will make you proud to be British but also put a smile on  your face!! 

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