On the way home from the Potfest we stopped off at Mum and Dad's friend Phil's house and above and below were part of his view. Amazing! I've always wanted to try and take a photo of landscape like this but always see it when I'm in a car or on a train so you can't stop and get the camera out.

Anyway I had returned home like the prodigal daughter to help celebrate Mum and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary. I rarely go home during the Summer so it was nice to see the sunshine off and on.
We went to Furness Abbey at my request. I went to Sixth Form just round the corner and I just love the ruins. Plus it always bring back happy memories (though I'm sure my niece was bored to tears with my tales...). Annoyingly the treasures recently discovered in an Abbot's grave weren't there but it was great to visit.
On the way home we stopped off in the local village. So this is Broughton in Furness, the village where I was born.
In this house! Yes I was born in a house, not a hospital and even had the same doctor who delivered me until I left home at 18! Happy days. Mum and Dad built the house when they first moved to the village and called it 'Wych End' which sums up my life to be honest!

Back at the homestead Mum and Dad have a great garden (above)
With great photos....

And just to prove there was sunshine look at this blue sky!
And finally apart from his family here is a picture of my Dad's cat who is treated like a king and doesn't he just know it! He's also a bit of a poser and was more than happy for him to have his photo taken.
Had such a lovely time with my family which was short and sweet. Back down in London which has Olympic fever and now preparing for Brixton Splash as I'm lucky enough to be the official photographer  which celebrates everything great about my beloved Brixton.

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