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If you're a regular reader of this blog, or you know me, I'm a proud Brixtonite i.e. someone who lives in Brixton, South London. I moved to London to come to College when I was 18 from rural Cumbria and moved to Brixton a few years later 3 days before the 90s riots. My mum's reaction was 'see I told you they had riots in Brixton'. Seriously you couldn't have made it up!

I love Brixton, loves it's vibrancy, love the people and instantly felt at home here. I know so many of my neighbours. Last week it took me 40 minutes to get from the front door of the block to my flat door, a trip that normally takes 5 mins, as I kept stopping to talk to neighbours. I then went to take the rubbish out and that took another 20 mins!! I see people I know in the high street and they know me in my local to the point they know what I'm going to order before I've even opened my mouth! However I hate the negative view that mainly the media portray of Brixton. So when Brixton Splash asked for volunteers I emailed to see if I could take photos. And the answer was yes!

Brixton Splash promotes the best of Brixton and aims to make Brixton 'famous' not 'infamous'. This year was extra special as it was also the day of the 100m finals at the Olympics, which of course Bolt won, and the following day celebrated 50 years of Jamaican Independence.

Brixton was certainly dressed to impress the week leading up to the event.
Including these incredible Jamaicons down Coldharbour Lane. The branding was created by  Jon Daniel and has also been featured on the Creative Review website 
The day before Brixton Splash there was a Tea Party for the older generation which was great. I felt very honored to be able to attend. 
This lady had come over in 1950
This is the wonderful Blacker Dread, one of the organisers of the whole event.
There was a full afternoon of entertainment
And there were smiles all round!

The main event was on what started out to be a wet Sunday but soon the sunshine came out and stayed away all day. Above is Samuel, Lambeth's Youth Mayor.
The main stage promoted a lot of youth talent who were incredible and was ably compared by Vas Blackwood and Asher Senator (in the background of this shot).
And this is Lee Jasper, another board director keeping things going through out the day.
I love this image of the guy who can often be seen outside Brixton Tube selling incense and is to me one of the face of Brixton. Was great to get his portrait
And there was a fabulous kids area with story telling, arts and crafts and an activity area for the young at heart
Dancing Elvis is around every year apparently
And everyone was showing their true colours.
Enjoying the music

And soon the streets filled up
And the sun stayed out for the rest of the day
But there was one more hero to end the day with a bang
And you could tell who everyone was thinking about through out the day!

Was a real privilege to be involved in this event, even in a small way and give something back  to the community that I love. Brixton is going through so many changes at the moment which are not  necessarily for the best but if the independence and vibrancy can be maintained it should all be fine making Brixton even stronger. Roll on next year!

For further images I've taken please go over to my Flickr site!

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  1. A lovely write up!

    Many thanks for the props.

    Jon Daniel