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If you've read my previous post 'Walking to Dulwich' you'll know that I spend the morning at Dulwich picture gallery. If you haven't read it stop reading now! Go back and read part one of  this day's post!!!

Finished reading part one? Right so you'll know that I didn't know what to do on my day off until I looked at Time Out's website and felt Christmas had come early. The fabulous Cabaret Mechanical Theatre was having a pop up exhibition and in South London no less. If you have never heard of this they had an amazing collection of automata in Covent Garden which I visited numerous occasions during my student days and then early 20s. I could spend hours in there and it would always make me smile if I was feeling out of sorts.

But as is always the things nowadays rents were raised and eventually they had to close down in 2000. It was a sad day.... They did a pop up exhibition in Spitalfields near Liverpool Street a couple of years ago and it was bliss. So I jumped at the chance to see some old friends again.

I was happy to see there were some new automata which I've never seen as well as old friends which instantly brought a smile to my face!

This is an incredible exhibition for young and old. The humour and colourfulness of the automata will bring a smile to your face and on the whole is free (though bring a spare 20p x 2 for 2 of the exhibits). All and all I had a great day out, saw fantastic art work and in total spent 40p! And as I walked back as well lost a 1lb... Result all round!





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